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  • News Gal Gun: Double Peace for PS4, Vita Will Confuddle Critics

    Unreal sequel being built on Unreal

    A rails shooter in which you must shoot pheromones at school girls in order to keep them at bay is getting a PlayStation 4 and Vita sequel this summer. Due out in Japan only for now, Gal Gun: Double Peace is set a year after the events of the PlayStation Move-powered original, and will feature over 70 new ladies...


  • News Ready Your PlayStation Move Controller for Gal Gun

    Demo drops today

    Remember the curious PlayStation Move powered pheromone shooter we told you about last week? That’s right – Gal Gun. Well we figured we’d remind you that today is the day you can finally get a grip on the game’s Japanese demo. You’ll need a Japanese PlayStation Network account to get in on the steamy action, but that can...