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  • News Sony Actually Made a PS4 Pro Commercial

    Horizon! Gran Turismo! God of War!

    Sony’s treated the PlayStation 4 Pro a little like it’s a guilty secret sometimes, shunning the device from many of its marketing materials despite it actually being a pretty bloody cool piece of kit. It’s uploaded a new commercial today, though, showcasing titles like Gran Turismo Sport, Horizon: Zero Dawn,...
















  • News God of War: Ascension Slays the 2013 Super Bowl

    Blood, sweat, and tears

    As predicted yesterday, Sony has confirmed that it will be unchaining a brand new God of War: Ascension advert during this weekend’s Super Bowl. The latest teaser trailer focuses on protagonist Kratos’ wife and daughter, as an army of soldiers stomp through a nearby field. According to the conclusion of the short, more...


  • News Darksiders II Comes Knocking in New TV Commercial

    At Death's door

    THQ might not have much money left in the bank, but it’s still got enough to plop a dramatisation of the apocalypse in between Coronation Street. This new Darksiders II television spot shows protagonist Death riding into oncoming traffic, while people run for their lives. We don’t know what’s wrong with them, really – the...


  • News Capcom's Already Advertising Resident Evil 6 in Japan

    Building demand

    Resident Evil 6 is not out for at least another four months, but publisher Capcom is already promoting the title in Japan. The giant has released the television spot embedded below, which is designed to portray the feeling of “fear” pivotal to the survival series. The commercial also details the title’s Japanese pre-order...


  • News Sony Talks Up Connectivity in New PSN Commercial

    Raise a glass

    Sony’s been criticised for some of its more outlandish marketing schemes over the past five or so years, but this brand new European PlayStation Network commercial seems to finally get the point. It’s a two-and-a-half minute celebration of everything Sony’s online service can do, set to a pulsating synthesized bass line and...


  • News Tokyo Jungle Commercial is Barking Mad

    Poultry in motion

    Sony is making a lot of noise about Tokyo Jungle in Japan. The absolutely bonkers post-apocalyptic adventure has been a focus of SCEJ’s promotional campaign for weeks, and that’s concluded with the release of a television advert overnight. Just for the record, Tokyo Jungle is a game which lets you play as an elephant on roller...

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