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Review: Guitar Hero Live (PS4)

Guitar Hero Live (PS4)

Raging for the machine

Guitar Hero Live is Activision's answer to Harmonix's Rock Band 4, and seems to be the complete polar opposite to it. While the new Rock Band allows you to use old instruments, Guitar Hero introduces a completely new one; where Rock Band 4 allows you to import old songs, Guitar Hero Live doesn't. The two rhythm games, despite...

News: Yep, Destiny Is Getting Microtransactions

Yep, Destiny Is Getting Microtransactions

They're purely cosmetic, for now

Okay, so Destiny's expansions have always been overpriced, but the argument is that it could have a subscription fee if it wanted - but it doesn't. We don't necessarily agree with that analysis, but we've always said that microtransactions could very easily be implemented into the structure of the shooter, and that...

News: Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5 Breaks Its Neck on PS4

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5 Breaks Its Neck on PS4

Bail out

As expected, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5 on the PlayStation 4 is f***ed. Activision's been reluctant to send us – or anyone else – review code, and judging by this hands-on with the final version, it's easy to see why. In the clip we see the Birdman bugging out in a variety of ways – be it clipping through geometry or...

Poll: Has Destiny Won You Back With The Taken King?

Has Destiny Won You Back With The Taken King?

Is the cryptarch calling?

Destiny: The Taken King is out and fans of Bungie's shooter have probably spent their last weekend grinding themselves into dust. If internet reactions are anything to go by, then the game's third and biggest expansion has been met with a reasonably positive reception. Veteran players seem to like the changes, and lapsed...

Review: Destiny: The Taken King (PS4)

Destiny: The Taken King (PS4)

New monarchy

It's been a rocky old road for Destiny, but it's finally found some smooth terrain with The Taken King – the title's biggest expansion to date. The new content marks the second year of Destiny's life, and with it comes the realisation that Bungie has taken a rather large step forward in crafting something special. It's undoubtedly...