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    Review The Amazing Spider-Man


    Cast your minds back to 2012. You may remember seeing The Amazing Spider-Man reboot at the movies, and you may even recall playing Beenox’s anticipated PlayStation 3 tie-in on your beloved console – but you probably won’t remember booting it up on your PlayStation Vita. That’s because someone at publisher Activision forgot...

  • UK Sales Charts Call of Duty: Ghosts Spooks the Summit

    Tearaway trots back into sight

    We’re confident that we could fabricate the contents of our weekly UK sales charts posts at this point, and no one would even bat an eyelid. Once again, last week’s top titles included Call of Duty: Ghosts, FIFA 14, and Battlefield 4. LEGO Marvel Super Heroes was arguably the biggest surprise

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    Review Angry Birds: Star Wars

    Millennium falcon

    The well-known handheld hit Angry Birds has returned to consoles – only this time it’s bringing the force along for the ride. Of course, we're referring to the latest entry in the fowl flinging series: the PlayStation 4 version of Angry Birds: Star Wars. In this edition, you’ll be tasked with tossing birds from a catapult in...

  • News Your Destiny Will Be Fulfilled on 9th September

    See you starside

    And that's our bedtime pushed back an extra hour. In an effort to beat the rapidly approaching VGX Awards fanfare, Bungie has nonchalantly announced that its upcoming first-person shooter Destiny will deploy on 9th September. The game's due out on both the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3, and will secure exclusive content on Sony's...

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    Review Skylanders: Swap Force

    Sky's the limit

    The main selling point of the Skylanders series has always been its ability to bring action figures to life. By placing physical toys on the bundled Portal of Power device, they instantly appear in the game with their own statistics, abilities, and personalities. Each character has its own experience, skills, and level properties...

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    Review Angry Birds: Star Wars

    Use the birds, Luke

    A long time ago (well, 2009), in a galaxy far, far away (Finland), an unassuming development studio named Rovio Entertainment gave birth to a mobile gaming franchise which would ultimately take over the world. Three years later and still going strong, Angry Birds and the beloved Star Wars empire would join forces to create a...


  • News Activision Crushes Crash Bandicoot Dream, Still Owns Character

    You'll find us sobbing into our Wumpa pudding

    Despite a cyclone of rumours to the contrary, Activision has labelled speculation suggesting that Sony has reacquired the Crash Bandicoot brand as unadulterated twinsanity. A teaser in a PlayStation 4 advertisement had hinted that the Japanese giant had bought back the platforming property, but the...

  • News Activision Spin Kicks Crash Bandicoot Off Its Website

    Sony suggests that it hasn't acquired the character, though

    You may have thought that we were high on Wumpa Fruit when we recently reported that Crash Bandicoot could be making a comeback on the PlayStation 4, but Activision has added more fuel to the throwback fire by removing any references to the PSone mascot from its official website. For those...

  • News What Are the Names of Call of Duty: Ghosts' Map Packs?

    You can probably guess

    Don’t worry if you’ve exhausted all of Call of Duty: Ghosts’ on-board maps, as there’ll be plenty to sink your teeth into over the coming months. Activision has accidentally revealed the names of four care packages heading to the first-person shooter in the future, which each combine to spell out the word ‘ODIN’,...

  • Rumour Is Crash Bandicoot Plotting a Return on PS4?

    Spinning around

    Sony has talked about Crash Bandicoot a lot this year. The former PSone mascot has hit the headlines frequently over the past 10 months, partly because of PlayStation 4 architect Mark Cerny’s role as executive producer on the 90s classic. However, rumours are now starting to spiral that the protagonist could be plotting a...

  • News Destiny's Beta Is Shooting Its Way onto PS3 and PS4 First

    Fulfil your destiny

    A Bungie game on a Sony console? It's madness! These were the thoughts floating through most people's heads when the former Halo developer revealed that its multiplayer offering Destiny would be coming to the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. And the madness continues, with a recent PlayStation Blog post conf

  • News You'll Need a Patch to Boost Call of Duty: Ghosts' PS4 Resolution

    Clean it up

    The carnival of stupid continues. Despite assurances that Call of Duty: Ghosts will run in native 1080p on the PlayStation 4, developer Infinity Ward has revealed that you’ll need to install a patch in order to enable the resolution bump throughout the single player campaign. According to an exclusive report, without...

  • UK Sales Charts PS4 Games Are Already Selling Strongly

    Call of Duty: Ghosts gets off to a decent start on the system

    Sony’s next generation console may be right around the corner in North America, but there are still a few weeks before it settles its blue and black chassis on UK stores shelves. That’s not stopping the console’s initial roster of software from performing fairly well, though, as...

  • Weirdness Has Call of Duty: Ghosts Given You Déjà Vu?

    There may be an explanation

    Assuming that you give a hoot about the antics in Infinity Ward’s recently released Call of Duty: Ghosts, you may want to close this window now, as there’s a chance that there may be a spoiler or two enclosed within. Have you pushed your browser’s dependable ‘back’ button, yet? Alright, we’re guessing that...

  • News What Are the Main Differences Between Call of Duty: Ghosts on PS4 and PS3?

    New perspective

    As the latest entry in the seemingly unstoppable Call of Duty franchise exploded onto store shelves today, so too did our very first PlayStation 4 review. But with the title set to deploy on both current generation and next generation systems, we figured that we should summarise some of the key differences between the two releases...

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    Review Call of Duty: Ghosts

    Same old sheet

    Over the past five years, the Call of Duty franchise has slow-motion breached its way into popular culture, with millions of fans worldwide eagerly enabling last year’s Call of Duty: Black Ops II to earn over $500 million in just 24 hours. Whether this trend continues remains to be seen, but the bigger question is: does Call of...

  • News Megan Fox Showcases Her Sniper Skills in Call of Duty: Ghosts' Latest Trailer

    Transformers siren puts in an appearance

    We’re not sure that this Call of Duty: Ghosts trailer could be any more camp if it tried. The short – which aims to expose the soldier inside all of us – shows a pack of dim-witted bros engaged in a Frank Sinatra-scored shootout, all while hitting on an apathetic Megan Fox. It’s the ultimate male...


  • News Call of Duty: Ghosts on PS4 Pulls Ahead of Xbox One, Too

    The gap's widening

    Call of Duty may be considered an Xbox franchise due to Microsoft’s longstanding partnership with Activision, but it seems that the next generation version of the upcoming Call of Duty: Ghosts will look superior on the PlayStation 4. Responding to a slew of previously unsubstantiated online rumours, Infinity Ward’s executive...

  • Weirdness Call of Duty: Ghosts Resists Alien Invasion in Co-Op Mode

    Independence day

    Call of Duty has always been a little bit over-the-top, but ever since Treyarch opted to add zombies to its World War II spin-off, the franchise has been slowly getting stranger. The upcoming Call of Duty: Ghosts, though, is opting to dial up the weirdness to dizzying new heights, augmenting a Resistance-esque co-op mode that will...

  • Rumour Call of Duty: Ghosts Will Command 49GB of Your PS4's Hard Drive

    Oh my Dog

    We all know that the Call of Duty franchise likes to break all sorts of mindboggling first day sales records, but this time around it seems to have its sights set on something a little bit different: it's gunning for the 'Largest Hard Drive Install for a PlayStation 4 Launch Title' gong. Yesterday, we brought you the news that Guerrilla...

  • News PS4 Pulls in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Next Year

    Swinging onto PS3, too

    PlayStation Vita owners may be forced to make do with an overdue port of the original The Amazing Spider-Man, but that’s not stopping Activision from lining up The Amazing Spider-Man 2 for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. Due out next spring, the Beenox developed open world adventure aims to build upon the events of...

  • Video Getting the Family View on Skylanders: Swap Force

    Swapping the old for the new

    With Skylanders: Swap Force hitting store shelves in North America today, and on 18th October in other territories, we thought that we’d have a quick look at how the sequel has panned out – and get the family perspective in the process. While the title offers great visuals, voice acting, and oodles of new...

  • News Wrap Yourself Up in The Amazing Spider-Man on Vita


    You said that you wanted more retail releases on the PlayStation Vita, so it looks like you’re going to have to make do with overdue ports. Activision’s so-so movie tie-in The Amazing Spider-Man is the latest PlayStation 3 release to get the portable treatment, with the bustling streets of Manhattan being squeezed onto Sony’s pocket...

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