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Review: Virginia (PS4)

Virginia (PS4)

Shoulda stayed home

It always stings a little when you get your hopes up for a game and it disappoints you upon release. Sure, there are different tiers to this; for instance, it's hard to find a recent game that upset more people at launch than No Man's Sky. But often that initial letdown leads to hyperbole; there are titles that fall short of...

Review: Prominence Poker (PS4)

Prominence Poker (PS4)


There was a point ten years ago when it felt like the popularity of poker had reached fever pitch. You couldn't turn on late night television without it appearing on more than one channel, and there always seemed to be some bloke down the pub who swore he'd made a serious chunk of change online. This rise in gambling websites left poker...

News: Promising Supernatural Thriller Virginia Solves a Mystery on PS4 Next Month

Promising Supernatural Thriller Virginia Solves a Mystery on PS4 Next Month

Lynch mob

We're not going to lie to you: we hadn't heard of Virginia until today. But according to every article that we've read, the 505 Games published first-person thriller is one to watch – and it's coming to the PlayStation 4 starting 22nd September. As pointed out by the press release, the game's been inspired by genre-bending 90s shows...

Review: Assetto Corsa (PS4)

Assetto Corsa (PS4)

Ass-etto Corsa

With Project CARS already in the wild and Gran Turismo Sport on the way later this year, as well as other realistic and excellent racers of their own kind in DiRT Rally and F1 2016 already out, there's plenty of variation and choice in the racing simulator market on the PlayStation 4 right now. But having garnered a hefty following...

Review: Adr1ft (PS4)

Adr1ft (PS4)

Space oddity

In this reviewer's opinion, space disaster is one of the most interesting concepts in entertainment. You have the likes of Gravity, Apollo 18, and The Martian in film, Seveneves in literature, and Alien Isolation in games. Adr1ft, the debut game from developer Three One Zero, now joins the party following its PlayStation 4 release...

News: Adr1ft Coming to PS4 This Month

Adr1ft Coming to PS4 This Month

Gravity's a bitch

Space survival sim Adr1ft is set to launch on PlayStation 4 on 15th July, according to creator Adam Orth. Although the game was designed with VR in mind – and, indeed, delayed from its original PC release to accommodate the launch of Oculus Rift – the PS4 version is yet to be confirmed for PlayStation VR when it launches in...

News: Pixel Piracy Hops Aboard HMS PlayStation 4

Pixel Piracy Hops Aboard HMS PlayStation 4

Ahoy, matey

Quadro Delta and the team behind the 2D hit survival game Terraria recently announced the release of Pixel Piracy on the PlayStation 4 – and the boarding begins on 16th February. In the game, you control a pirate captain who recruits a bunch of savvy shipmates to help you on your adventures through the seas looting, pillaging, and...

News: Adr1ft Lost in Space Until 2016

Adr1ft Lost in Space Until 2016

Spaced out

Remember intriguing space sim, Adr1ft? Well, you may want to forget about it for a few months. The intergalactic escapade was not only delayed until 2016 today, but there's currently no launch window for the PlayStation 4 version. The title will instead deploy day-and-date with the Oculus Rift headset, which means that you'll have to...

Review: Payday 2: Crimewave Edition (PS4)

Payday 2: Crimewave Edition (PS4)

The heist life

As a law abiding citizen, committing robbery is probably the last thing on your mind. That said, somewhere inside your deepest thoughts – whether you'd admit it or not – you've probably pondered what it would be like to throw off the shackles of society's laws, and turn to a life crime. In Payday 2: Crimewave Edition for the...