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Review: NBA 2K17 (PS4)

NBA 2K17 (PS4)


The NBA 2K series has always been the most eye-catching of sport game franchises because of its excellent presentation and attention to detail, not to mention its stunningly realised visuals. NBA 2K17 is no different, and ups the ante to make quite possibly one of the best sporting experiences on PlayStation. Sure, it doesn't have any huge...

News: Start Your NBA 2K17 Career for Free on PS4

Start Your NBA 2K17 Career for Free on PS4

Announce Alex Hunter

Can't wait to build your character and hit the court in NBA 2K17's career mode? Well, you'll be able to get started prior to the game's launch, with a free Prelude download kicking things off from 9th September. Available from the PlayStation Store, the client will allow you to experience the opening exchanges of the campaign...

News: WWE 2K17's Cover Star Has a Sword on His Chest

WWE 2K17's Cover Star Has a Sword on His Chest


Brock Lesnar is WWE 2K17's cover star. We'll refrain from making disparaging remarks because he could probably kill us with his little finger, but we have got to commentate on the sword that's tattooed on his torso, resting between his rock-like pectorals like Excalibur in Arthurian legend. Judging by the box art, he also appears to be...

Review: WWE 2K16 (PS4)

WWE 2K16 (PS4)

New, Day Sucks

It's been two years since 2K Sports took the reins from THQ and began to offer its own spin on the flagship WWE game series, with last year's entry very much seeming like a testing ground for the company's ambitious goals. However, with 2K16 now body-slamming store shelves, has it learned from its mistakes? While the controls are...

News: The Terminator Raises Hell in WWE 2K16 on PS4, PS3

The Terminator Raises Hell in WWE 2K16 on PS4, PS3

Because video games

We'll let you into a little secret: wrestling sucks. The only way for 2K Sports to flog copies of its latest grappling simulation after last year's abomination is to toss in novelty characters like The Terminator, then – which is exactly what it's doing with WWE 2K16 on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3. That's right, if...

Video: Everything That's Wrong with WWE 2K15 PS4's My Career Mode

Everything That's Wrong with WWE 2K15 PS4's My Career Mode

CM Flunk

As the only member of the Push Square team that regularly rocks up for work dressed as the Ultimate Warrior, this particular Video Editor was more excited for WWE 2K15 on PS4 than a date with diva extraordinaire, Paige. Unfortunately, as our recent review indicated, the meat of the release, My Career mode, is a dismal disappointment. Allow...

Review: WWE 2K15 (PlayStation 4)

WWE 2K15 (PlayStation 4)

Three-Star Frog Splash

It’s been a month since we saw WWE 2K15’s last-gen offering – a game that we called “a kick in the teeth” – released on the PlayStation 3, but with updated visuals, an improved control scheme, and promising new game modes, is its PlayStation 4 big brother much better? Thankfully, the power of the next-gen hardware...

Review: WWE 2K15 (PlayStation 3)

WWE 2K15 (PlayStation 3)

Low blow

If you’re a wrestling fan, it’s been hard to ignore 2K Sports’ constant bragging about just how revolutionary WWE 2K15 is going to be. However, while this certainly looks to be true with the PlayStation 4 version, the recycled gameplay and samey ideas present in the last-gen effort leave a lot to be desired. When booting up the game...

Review: NBA 2K15 (PlayStation 4)

NBA 2K15 (PlayStation 4)


There’s no question that NBA 2K has become the gold standard when it comes to basketball simulators, raising the bar year-after-year with great modes such as ‘My Career’ and ‘My GM’ that allows fans of not only the sport but also the league experience to fashion their own careers. Where this franchise has made its money, though,...

News: NBA 2K15 Doesn't Always Look Good, and These Pics Prove It

NBA 2K15 Doesn't Always Look Good, and These Pics Prove It

Monsters in our midst

Face scanning features rarely ever work, and NBA 2K15’s is no different. Despite being one of the better looking next-gen franchises, 2K Sports’ latest has kicked up shots of some frightening looking players – all made possible thanks to the power of the PlayStation Camera. Yeah, maybe that thing would be best left for...

First Impressions: Does WWE 2K15 on PS4 Have Heavyweight Pedigree?

Does WWE 2K15 on PS4 Have Heavyweight Pedigree?

Yes! Yes! Yes!

If you heard loud screaming coming from the back corner of Earls Court, it may have been us. Yes, 2K Sports brought the PlayStation 4 version of WWE 2K15 to the UK’s biggest video game fair this year, EGX London, and throwing ourselves at a free demo unit, it became all too apparent why our fellow revellers were yelling at full...

Review: NBA 2K14 (PlayStation 4)

NBA 2K14 (PlayStation 4)

Flying through hoops

Visual Concepts’ vaunted NBA 2K franchise has a reputation for its high standards, and the series’ latest entry on the PlayStation 4 continues that sequence of slam dunks by towering over its PlayStation 3 counterpart. Not content with a mere visual upgrade, NBA 2K14 on Sony’s next generation system plays a totally...

Review: WWE 2K14 (PlayStation 3)

WWE 2K14 (PlayStation 3)

Laying the Smackdown

An orphan of THQ’s unfortunate demise at the beginning of this year, the WWE videogame license was quickly snapped up by 2K, and while its role appears to have been limited to simply overseeing WWE 2K14’s completion, the final product is the most comprehensive wrestling package yet. As the 30th anniversary of WrestleMania...

News: NBA 2K14 on PS4 Will Make You a Basketball Fan

NBA 2K14 on PS4 Will Make You a Basketball Fan

Oh lord

It may not have the global appeal of a game like Killzone: Shadow Fall, but NBA 2K14 could put up a pretty stern challenge against the first-person shooter for the best PlayStation 4 presentation crown. This brand new trailer – using footage from Sony’s next generation system with variable camera angles – is absolutely stunning. Plus,...

News: NBA 2K12 DLC Slamdunks Onto PlayStation Network This Holiday

NBA 2K12 DLC Slamdunks Onto PlayStation Network This Holiday

Man, we always wanted to play cel-shaded basket ball

And now we've got the chance. As part of a new multi-faceted DLC pack for NBA 2K12, the publisher's chucking in a cel-shaded game mode set in the heart of New York's Times Square just for the fun of it. The $10 DLC pack will also include 150 of the NBA's all-time greatest players, new mini-games,...

News: 2K Sports Announces $100,000 NBA 2K12 Tournament

2K Sports Announces $100,000 NBA 2K12 Tournament

Here's how to enter

2K Sports is well-known for running big money contests for its games: the Major League Baseball perfect game recently awarded $1,000,000 to Brian Kingrey, and although the the prize fund for NBA 2K12 isn't quite so fat the winner could still walk off with a big chunk of change. 2K Sports, GameStop and Virgin Gaming are offering...

News: NBA 2K12 Demo Hits the Hardwood Today

NBA 2K12 Demo Hits the Hardwood Today

Grapple with the greats

We're just a few weeks away from NBA 2K12, but if you want a taste of the new improvements awaiting in this year's instalment there's a demo available on the PlayStation Store to help you out. In a replay of the 2011 NBA Finals, the demo pitches Miami Heat against the Dallas Mavericks and shows off some of the new features...