2013 News

Game of the Year: Gold Trophy - The Last of Us

Gold Trophy - The Last of Us

It can't be for nothing

We’d love for this article to come as a pleasant surprise, but we suspect that it’s more obvious than a brick to the face. The Last of Us felt like a Game of the Year winner when it lurched onto the PlayStation 3 all the way back in early June, and nothing has really topped it in our eyes in the six or so months since...

Game of the Year: Silver Trophy - Resogun

Silver Trophy - Resogun

Save the last humans

Not just the best PlayStation 4 game currently available, but also one of the best releases published on a Sony platform in 2013, the brilliant Resogun rocketed to the top of our internal poll like a firework doused in gasoline. Finnish outfit Housemarque once again proved that it’s the master of the humble shmup,...

Game of the Year: Best PlayStation 3 Games of 2013

Best PlayStation 3 Games of 2013

This is living

It may be ending the year as the tired old video game veteran, but the PlayStation 3 can humbly hold its disc slot aloft, as this has been an outstanding year for the former flagship format. We know it's a countdown cliché to claim that it was a challenge to cut our list of Game of the Year candidates down to a manageable integer,...