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  • News PS4 Gobbled Up Half of All Physical Game Sales in UK This Year

    Wakka wakka

    The quiet giant strikes again, with more staggering (but underreported) statistics emerging about the PlayStation 4’s ridiculous 2017. According to Games – courtesy of sales data firms UKIE and GfK Chart-Track – Sony’s console commanded 50.2 per cent of all physical game sales in the UK this year. It’s no slouch in...

  • Store Update 18th December 2017 (Europe)

    Over and out

    There are seven sleeps until Santa breaks into your house and steals your mince pies, but the European PlayStation Store rests for no big bellied thief. This is a particularly insane week for PlayStation VR, with some six or so titles set to release for the headset. There’s also a laundry list of other PlayStation 4 titles because of...

  • News Code Vein's New Trailer Attempts to Make Revenants Relevant

    Souls mate

    We’re not sure what to think about Code Vein just yet. None of the gameplay footage that’s been shown so far has looked great, and that continues to be true with the title’s third trailer. Many will be drawn in by the anime aesthetic, of course, but it all just seems a bit edgy to us – and it’s not helped by the Saliva-inspired...

  • UK Sales Charts Call of Duty: WWII Is This Year's Christmas Cracker

    Got the X Factor

    Call of Duty: WWII is your Christmas number one on the UK sales charts. Surprise! Activision’s franchise has topped the British best sellers list four festive seasons in a row now, although last year’s Infinite Warfare did rely on a £12.99 price drop in order to keep the record alive. The same hasn’t proven true with...

  • News Jet Set Radio Evo Pitched to SEGA, Sony Loved Concept

    But project went no further

    Would you turn that radio down, we’re trying to tell you about a Jet Set Radio pitch that SEGA passed on. Over the course of the weekend, Austin-based developer Dinosaur Games has revealed a “visual proof of concept” for a title named Jet Set Radio Evo, which it pitched to the Japanese publisher at the Game...

  • Hands On The Last Guardian Is Mind Blowing with PSVR

    Animal magic

    A free Christmas stocking stuffer from Sony launched for PlayStation VR this week in the form of The Last Guardian VR, a 15 minute sensory overload that replays a small slice of last year’s sensational puzzle platformer in virtual reality. And given the main game is all about scale, it makes the transition to Sony’s futuristic...

  • Talking Point What Are You Playing This Weekend? - Issue 199

    Winter wonderland

    It’s just over a week until Christmas and the weather is absolutely abysmal here in the UK – the most wonderful time of the year they say! At least there’s video games to keep us all occupied. You know the drill by now, right? Sammy Barker, Editor: I’ve only gone and started Persona 5, haven’t I? Despite plugging four...

  • News EU PS Store Reloads with All-New Weekend Discounts

    Something for the weekend

    Sony’s rolled out a few new weekend discounts on the European PlayStation Store, which brings a handful of recent releases in line with in-store promotions. The Evil Within 2, for example, can now be purchased digitally for £19.99 – and even the fairly new The Sims 4 is down to £29.99 already. Other savings...

  • News Darksiders III Heats Up with Lava Brute Gameplay Video

    Hot stuff

    Oh right – they’re making Darksiders III! You’ll forgive us for forgetting because the project has gone dark since being announced prior to E3 2017, but here’s some new gameplay footage showing protagonist Fury cooling off by kicking the coal out of a Lava Brute. The animations have improved a lot, and this is starting to look like...

  • News Dreams' Story Mode Looks (And Sounds) Like Vintage Media Molecule

    A work of Art

    Another exciting thing about Dreams is that it will play host to a brand new Media Molecule campaign, the kind of treat we only get a couple of times a generation. The plot for Dreams sounds a little darker than anything it's done before, centring upon a down-and-out individual named Art who’s been living rough in a cello case. The...

  • News What's Going on with Battlefield Bad Company 3?

    Getting the squad back together

    Like so many, we have fond memories of the Bad Company games. Battlefield’s beloved squad-based spin-off still has many fans today, so a return to the format makes sense, right? Judging by the reaction to rumours that DICE’s 2018 first-person shooter will be Bad Company 3, it sure seems like the right time. But is...

  • Feature PS4 in 2017 Review - How Did PlayStation 4 Do?

    Full verdict on Sony's year

    Sony’s been a quiet giant in 2017, allowing new hardware like the Nintendo Switch and Xbox One X to dominate the headlines while it’s shrewdly focused on its own fantastic line of PlayStation 4 software. It’s culminated in a year where the console’s achievements have been glossed over by the enthusiast media, but...

  • News Burnout Paradise Remaster Rumours Send the Web Wild

    Take me back to the Paradise City

    EA’s not really in the habit of remastering games, but rumours are swirling regarding a Burnout Paradise re-release. Nearing its 10th anniversary, the Criterion classic is still considered one of the greatest racing games of all-time by many, thanks to its arcade handling and entertaining sandbox setting. But is a...

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    Review Resident Evil 7: Biohazard - End of Zoe

    Zoe mode

    You’ve got to love it when developers conclude their post-release plans with something bonkers like Resident Evil 7: Biohazard’s bizarre End of Zoe. As the title implies, this extra episode is designed to plug the final plot hole in Capcom’s survival horror story: just what happened to Zoe Baker after she went all anime and turned to...

  • News November 2017 NPD: PS4 Dominates Hardware Sales with Best Ever Month, Call of Duty Is King

    Switch, Xbox One X can't hold back Sony's system

    Just goes to show what we know, eh? We predicted that the PlayStation 4 would be the “worst” selling console in November 2017, drowned out by the Nintendo Switch and the Xbox One X launch. In actual fact, it enjoyed its best month in the United States ever, topping even November 2013, when the...

  • News PS4 Firmware Update 5.03 Does Exactly What You Expect

    Improves system performance

    ‘Tis the season of cheer, and what better bringer of joy than a PlayStation 4 firmware update? Sony’s unleashed the optional PS4 firmware update 5.03 today, and as you’d expect, it does naff all. As is often the case, the platform holder’s patch notes explain that the patch will “improve system performance”...

  • News Metal Gear Survive's Single Player Campaign Looks... Good?

    Beta coming in January

    Metal Gear Survive, the co-op twist on Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain’s gameplay, has a single player campaign. And here’s the crazy part: it actually looks pretty good. So essentially you’re tasked with completing missions in a sandbox-esque area. Beating quests enables you to recruit people to your home base, and...

  • News The Game Awards 2017 Watched by a Mind-Boggling 11.5 Million


    Proof that perseverance almost always pays off: Geoff Keighley’s The Game Awards 2017 was watched by a mind-boggling 11.5 million people – legitimising the ceremony, and painting a positive future for the event. The best news is that it was actually excellent this year, with a perfect balance of awards, reveals, and industry tributes. Hats...

  • News Shenmue III Introduces New Character, Partnership with Lakshya Digital

    I see

    With publisher Deep Silver involved and a year of development still to go, expectations for Shenmue III have been raised. The good news is that Ys Net has been able to recruit some external support, with Lakshya Digital being brought on board to render the various non-playable characters that you’ll encounter around the world. If you’ve...

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    Review Resident Evil 7: Biohazard - Not a Hero

    You've got Redfield on you

    Ex-BSAA agent Chris Redfield is back, but before you feel yourself getting flustered, be aware that this isn’t the beefcake from recent instalments. Instead the hunk has returned to his PSone days, trading rippling biceps for a silky soft quiff and designer stubble. Sure, you’re not going to find the veteran fighting...

  • News NA PS Store's Gigantic Holiday Sale Is Scarily Big

    'Tis the season

    Oh! Oh? Oh... Sony has launched the first leg of its North American PlayStation Store Holiday Sale bonanza, and there are literally hundreds of items discounted here. Everyone’s entitled to up to 50 per cent off, but as always, PlayStation Plus subscribers will get added perks. So what are the highlights, then? Where to even...

  • News Sony Uses Fan Art in MediEvil Remaster Reveal Trailer

    A royal blunder

    MediEvil’s been dormant as a franchise for over a decade, but fans have bridged the gap with various personal art projects over the years. Sir Dan is such a popular character that Deviant Art is awash with sketches and renders of the regal hero – including Clive ‘n’ Wrench creator

  • Store Update 12th December 2017 (Europe)


    Christmas is coming, but there’s still plenty of new things to play on the PlayStation 4 this week. In fact, there’s actually quite a lot: Gang Beasts, Okami HD, and Romancing SaGa 2. Speaking of the latter, this is a big week for the PS Vita as well, with over a half-dozen new titles to play. It’s December 2017! PS4 Games:...

  • News Hideo Kojima Explains Death Stranding, Blows Minds

    A few key questions answered

    What the heck was that Death Stranding trailer about, then? IGN sat down with Hideo Kojima in order to ask that very question, and while the auteur shied away from some details, he was surprisingly candid in his responses about the game. So, where to start? How about the