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  • Feature What New PS4 Exclusives Could Sony Reveal at E3 2018?

    Never seen before

    Sony finds itself in an awkward spot: the PlayStation 4 is on fire and there are several exclusives lingering tantalisingly on the horizon that we’re all dying to learn more about. The problem is that the likes of Spider-Man, Death Stranding, and The Last of Us: Part II are all known quantities at this stage, and while we’re...

  • PlayStation Store Sales Charts God of War Rules Supreme

    Word up, boy

    It perhaps won’t come as a surprise in the wake of its staggering launch sales that God of War was the best-selling game on the PlayStation Store for the month of April. Kratos’ latest topped in both Europe and North America, beating out Far Cry 5 in both territories. Fellow exclusive MLB The Show 18 finished third in North America,...

  • News Onrush's Open Beta Collides with PS4 Next Week

    A different kind of rush

    The jury’s still very much out on Onrush, the next game from the DriveClub team. While many had expected a MotorStorm-esque experience, the reality is that the “racer” is doing something different – and you’ll be able to discover exactly what that is courtesy of an open beta scheduled to release next week...

  • News Sony Accused of Taking Cut from Charity Overwatch Skin

    VAT's not going to go down well

    Sony is underfire for purportedly taking a cut from an Overwatch skin being sold on the PlayStation Store to raise money for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. The Mercy outfit is available for £12.99 in the UK, but the product description states that only £10.12 will go to the charity, as that’s what Blizzard...

  • News EA 'Pushing Forward' with Loot Boxes, Working to Protect Revenue Stream

    Wilson weighs in

    The various Ultimate Team modes in EA’s sports games now generate more income than brands like The Sims and Battlefield, so it’s no surprise to see the publisher double-down on lucrative loot boxes – despite the threat of government regulation. Both Belgium and the Netherlands recently declared the divisive “card...

  • News Soviet Shooter Atomic Heart Has the Best Trailer You'll See Today

    Show the Motherland what you got

    While it doesn’t happen very often anymore, we love it when a game announcement comes out of nowhere and rustles our jimmies. Atomic Heart had the Push Square Slack chat aflutter earlier this evening, as we fawned over Mundfish’s BioShock-esque first-person shooter. Due out in 2018 on the PlayStation 4, the...

  • News Days Gone Will Take Over 30 Hours to Survive

    "It's not the zombie game you think"

    Days Gone is starting to sound like a very meaty open world game, and Sony Bend has hinted that it will take you over 30 hours to beat. Speaking with Game Informer magazine as part of a month of coverage, creative director John Garvin addressed the stench of scepticism that has surrounded the project since its...

  • News Detroit: Become Human's TV Commercial Is Hella Cool


    Okay, this is rad. Sony’s released the television commercial for Detroit: Become Human, and while it’s only 30 seconds long, it really gets its message across. Set against a backdrop of gameplay and cinematics, the advert includes voiceover from the outing’s three protagonists. The gist is that everything that unfolds in the game is...

  • News Days Gone Takes the Broken Road to Game Informer Cover Story

    Revving up some interest

    What the heck is going on? So far this year Game Informer’s had God of War and Spider-Man cover stories, and now it’s following them both up with another PlayStation 4 exclusive, Days Gone. The publication travelled to Sony Bend’s secluded studio in Oregon to go hands-on with the mysterious post-apocalyptic game, and...

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    Review CoolPaintrVR

    Art attack

    Tilt Brush was one of the early virtual reality highlights, allowing you to “paint” within a three-dimensional canvas. CoolPaintrVR aims to bring a similar experience to PlayStation VR, and while it is limited by Sony’s technology, it’s still a decent option if you’re looking for something artistic on the PlayStation 4. This is...

  • News The Pinball Arcade Loses Williams, Bally Licenses on 30th June

    Game over

    While developer FarSight has mishandled parts of The Pinball Arcade, we always appreciated the attempt at creating an expanding platform filled with realistic-simulations of authentic pinball tables. However, the title’s about to be gutted on 30th June, as the studio has lost its license to all Williams and Bally tables. For an...

  • News Tennis World Tour Pits McEnroe Against Agassi

    You cannot be serious?!

    We’re sure it’s a complete coincidence that Bigben Interactive has released this new Tennis World Tour gameplay footage on the same day as AO International Tennis’ worldwide launch. The video shows legends John McEnroe and Andre Agassi going head-to-head, although we’re hoping that the encoding is to blame for the...

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    Review 2MD VR Football

    Brady bunch

    While we appreciated VRFC’s goofy attempt at bringing five-a-side football to PlayStation VR, it never really felt like the right fit for virtual reality given the limitations of the technology thus far. American football – as Europeans will eagerly point out – makes much more sense given that, y’know, it’s mostly played with...

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    Review AO International Tennis

    Double fault

    No, it isn’t Adults Only tennis – although AO International Tennis probably wouldn’t be quite so dry if it had followed in BMX XXX’s footsteps and allowed you to play as Rafa Nadal in his pants. The name instead stands for the Australian Open, and some of you will recall it launching alongside the Grand Slam in Oceanic...

  • UK Sales Charts God of War Fights Off Funky Kong for Third No. 1

    Donkey doo

    God of War has enjoyed a third week at the summit of the UK sales charts, after fending off Nintendo Switch re-release Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. Sales of Kratos’ latest dropped 56 per cent week-over-week, but it still moved more than enough physical units to maintain its position atop the British best sellers list...

  • News The Council Convenes for Second Episode on 15th May

    The dust has only just begun to form

    Focus Home Interactive’s political drama The Council will continue with Episode Two: Hide and Seek on 15th May. “Join Louis de Richet as he continues his investigation into the disappearance of his mother, and confronts the finally-revealed Lord Mortimer,” a tweet from the title’s official account...

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    Review Super Mega Baseball 2

    Metal slug

    You’ve got to give Super Mega Baseball 2 a lot of credit: it manages to find a home on the PlayStation 4 where so many others fail. Stepping up to bat against Sony’s own MLB The Show must be an intimidating prospect, but this likeable arcade outing swings for the fences – and ultimately loads its bases. If you like your sports games...

  • Talking Point What Are You Playing This Weekend? - Issue 218


    The sun is shining, it’s a Bank Holiday weekend, and there are no shortage of games to be getting on with – what’s not to like? Your regularly scheduled WAYP is back for another week, so here’s everything we’re playing this weekend. Let us know what you’re up to in the comments section. Sammy Barker, Editor: I’ve got a...

  • News Discover the Art of Detroit: Become Human in New Video

    Blade stunner

    Whether you love or loathe Quantic Dream games, few would deny that the developer has some outstanding artists. Detroit: Become Human looks especially striking with its near-future interpretation of America’s forge, and in this video the studio shares a bunch of intel on the title’s art direction. It’s a really good watch with...

  • Soapbox The Last of Us: Part II Has Plenty to Prove at E3 2018

    Give 'em Ellie

    I love The Last of Us and I can’t wait to see its successor on stage at E3 2018 next month. Long-haired director Neil Druckmann confirmed at PlayStation Experience late last year that we would get our first glimpse of gameplay during Sony’s press conference, and a select few have already seen the demo behind closed doors...

  • News Red Dead Redemption 2 Looks Wild in New PS4 Screenshots

    Go west

    There’s been some discussion about Red Dead Redemption 2’s visuals, which have been deemed disappointing by some in the aftermath of this week’s latest trailer. Personally we reckon it’s looking right up there with the very best that the PlayStation 4 has to offer, but we suppose that the muted colour palette and hyper-realistic art...

  • News Beyond Good & Evil 2 Appears to Be Making Some Progress

    But not much

    It’s been a year since Beyond Good & Evil 2 was announced, and here are some Ubisoft employees talking about it in thick French accents. This is all still very much work in progress stuff, and frankly it doesn’t look like it’s come that far since E3 2017, but that’s to be expected from a title that will never come out. Okay,...

  • News God of War Is PS4's Fastest Ever Selling Exclusive

    Over three million copies sold in three days

    God of War has become the fastest selling PlayStation 4 exclusive to date, shifting a dizzying 3.1 million copies worldwide in just three days. The data tracks the period spanning 20th April through 22nd April, and includes physical and digital sales. We already know that the soft-reboot enjoyed

  • News Red Dead Redemption 2's PS4 Box Art Is Very Striking


    We’ve had some bad PlayStation 4 box art of late, but Red Dead Redemption 2’s official cover doesn’t fall into that category. The striking packaging’s mix of red and yellow complements the blue branding of Sony’s cases well, making for a Blu-ray that’s sure to stand out on store shelves – assuming it can stay in stock long enough...