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  • Review Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince - Gorgeous Puzzle Platformer Is a Return to Form

    Saving the kingdom, one floating box at a time

    The first two games in Frozenbyte’s Trine series were whimsical 2D puzzle platformers. A third title, Artifacts of Power, switched to 3D and offered a shorter adventure that left some fans cold. Trine 4 throws away that extra dimension, and feels much more like the series at its best. Returning...

  • Review Ghostbusters: The Video Game Remastered - A True Sequel to the Films Returns with Shinier Slime

    Bustin' makes me feel... Okay

    By now we all know what horrors lurk in the game-to-movie adaptation genre - it's an stained black spot on our beloved medium’s history. Movie-to-game adaptations, however, aren't quite as consistently terrible - some are quite the opposite. For every instance of shovelware licensing (hello, Spider-Man 3), there are...

  • Review Agatha Knife - A Sweet Natured and Deeply Disturbing Adventure

    All the little animals

    Agatha is a little girl who loves animals. She also likes to kill them, because stocking her mother’s struggling butcher shop makes her happy. She hates that her furry friends look sad when they face their end. Agatha tries to quell her sadness and insomnia by creating a religion in the hopes of revitalising her mother’s...

  • Review Torchlight II - Diablo's One True Contender Finally Comes to PS4

    Killin', lootin', and feedin' your dog

    Back in 2009, developer Runic Games gave the dungeon crawler a spark of new life in the form of Torchlight -- A colourful action-RPG, both fun and satisfying to play. It was a finely tuned example of the genre, no doubt because of a creative team that consisted of ex-Diablo 2 devs. A sequel came in 2012,...

  • Review Darksiders III - An Entertaining Adventure That's Stuck in the Past

    Fury rode

    Republished on Wednesday 28th August 2019: We're bringing this review back from the archives following the announcement of September's PlayStation Plus lineup. The original text follows. The Darksiders series has always been an unexpected surprise. It's managed to garner a cult following, despite a proclivity for liberally borrowing...

  • Review Leisure Suit Larry: Wet Dreams Don't Dry - Disco Suits, Toilet Humour, and Questionable Dating Tactics

    Adult entertainment

    At the beginning of Larry Laffer’s latest adventure, you can prompt seedy barkeep Lefty for information on the current era. One of his many responses is the revelation that “people don't play point and click adventures anymore, they play games with exploding candies instead”. Throughout Crazy Bunch Studio’s revival of...

  • Review SNK 40th Anniversary Collection - Four Decades Young

    A delicious selection box of ancient gems and curios

    Have you ever played a game from your youth, ready to relive those glory days with rose-tinted glasses firmly in place? Ever rip those rosy specs off and throw them against the wall in a fit of rage shortly after? Some retro "classics" just don’t stand the test of time and others are designed...

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    Review 428: Shibuya Scramble

    Tokyo timehop

    The visual novel genre is a strange beast, a niche corner of gaming that’s littered with some classic narrative experiences and bizarre oddities. Developer Spike Chunsoft is responsible for the lion’s share of popular visual novels on the market, with Steins;Gate and the fan favourite Dangonranpa series. Now it's re-releasing 428:...

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    Review Slime Rancher

    They slimed me

    Few games use pure joy as a central design choice. Fewer still manage to make a world of very little real threat compelling. Indie dev Monomi Park’s cartoonish farming sim Slime Rancher manages to do both. A fine entry into the often neglected feelgood genre, it's good enough to be mentioned in the same breath as Katamari Damacy and...

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    Review Phantom Doctrine

    Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

    Turn-based tactical shooters have garnered quite the cult following on PC and consoles in recent years. The XCOM games came out of nowhere to reboot an old franchise, and offer addictive isometric battles and deep levels of customisation. Many have tried to jump on the bandwagon and clone Firaxis’ formula, but few...

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    Review Agony

    To hell but not back

    When UK tabloid newspaper The Sun says your new title is "the most controversial game since Grand Theft Auto" you know you’re on for a winner. This potential for upset has been a double-edged sword for developer Mad Mind Studios, who’s been battling the censors and had to cut an undisclosed amount of content to secure an...

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    Review 99Vidas

    Favelas of rage

    Republished on Wednesday 28th March 2018: We're bringing this review back from the archives following the announcement of April's PlayStation Plus lineup. The original text follows. The scrolling beat-'em-up is one of those beloved genres that indie devs are always trying to bring back to the fold, but they never quite succeed...

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    Review Tesla vs Lovecraft

    Electricity and madness

    With a name like Tesla vs Lovecraft, you're expecting a certain tone. This is not a serious shooter; right from the outset it aims for ‘insane’ and works from there. Appropriate given the game's antagonist. The title screen blasts out a chaotic theme tune, depicting a monster-riding H.P. Lovecraft facing off against...

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    Review Surviving Mars

    Life on Mars

    As entrepreneurial wunderkind Elon Musk reaches out to settle humans on Earth’s little red brother, mankind wonders what awaits us on that alien soil. How will we come to terms with our new existence as off-world colonists? What trials will we face? Well, if it turns out like our first forays onto crimson soil, we’ll scrap the first...

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    Review Wulverblade

    Wolves at the door

    Fully Illustrated’s mud-soaked scrolling beat-'em-up hearkens back to a simpler time of high scores and roast chicken health pick-ups. It's a throwback to a beloved genre with a cartoon aesthetic and historical setting. It's not unique, but visceral action, a charming art style, and loving adherence to period lore sets this...

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    Review Sky Force Reloaded

    Sky's the limit

    For a remake of a decade old mobile game that liberally cribs from every other scrolling arcade shooter on the market, Infinite Dreams’ Sky Force Reloaded is a surprisingly addictive title. The similarities with PlayStation 4 classics like Resogun are apparent from the outset. A pumping synth score and digitised voices...

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    Review Hand of Fate 2

    Dealer's choice

    A mysterious dealer sits in a rickety wagon, casting your fate across the table in an ominous game of cards. He offers cryptic insight into the game itself while dictating your destiny as if it were preordained. This is the basic premise of Hand Of Fate, Defiant Development’s brawler cum tabletop RPG. The dealer presents your...

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    Review Rogue Trooper Redux

    Clone army

    PS2 curio Rogue Trooper is an unlikely candidate for the remaster treatment. Taken from the pages of eclectic British comic 2000AD, Sniper Elite developer Rebellion had a decent stab at trying something new with the always swamped third-person shooter genre. Receiving positive reviews, it’s since faded into obscurity.  Hopefully,...

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    Review ECHO

    Me, myself, and I

    Learning new abilities is something that players takes advantage of nowadays; progression as reward and reward through progression. It is a fundamental aspect of modern gaming, one that makes us feel safe and confident in our ability to learn new skills. But what if learning something new was a potentially dangerous and even...

  • Hands On Rogue Trooper Redux Recaptures PS2-Era Action

    Rogue legacy

    Oxford developer Rebellion has quite the checkered history, stretching across 23 years and multiple platforms. Now best known for the ball-busting Sniper Elite series, its output ranges from classic (Aliens vs Predator) to not so classic (Rogue Warrior). Now, alongside fellow UK studio Tick Tock Games, it's revamping a PlayStation 2-era...

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    Review Hidden Dragon: Legend

    Fighting Dragon, Hidden Legend

    Following in the footsteps of Eastern epics like the already classic Nioh and July’s excellent Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun, Megafun Games’ Hidden Dragon: Legend is a side-scrolling combat platformer set in Imperial China. The story begins with the amnesiac Lu, who staggers out of a prison massacre and...

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    Review Night Trap: 25th Anniversary Edition

    Slash fiction

    HD remakes, remastered collections, and celebratory re-releases are a mainstay of the launch slate these days – love 'em or hate 'em. Usually the retread treatment gets lavished on childhood classics or highlights of the previous hardware generation. It's not entirely clear if anyone predicted that infamous schlock fest Night...

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    Review Graceful Explosion Machine

    Swiss army spaceship

    There are plenty of arcade shooters on Sony consoles; Housemarque's Super Stardust HD and Resogun pretty much set a gold standard on PlayStation. Other than shifting perspectives and prettier graphics, there aren't that many twists left in the genre. Vertex Pop’s Graceful Explosion Machine distinguishes itself from the rest of...

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    Review Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun

    Tactical Samurai Action

    PS2 Stealth classic Commandos 2: Men Of Courage was a unique title that's never really been matched on consoles since. The game had you take control of an elite squad of soldiers in World War II as they tackled clandestine missions behind enemy lines. It was a deeply satisfying and stripped down experience, far removed from...