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    Review Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor - Martyr

    Too many cooks in the space kitchen

    For a franchise practically overflowing with phenomenal fiction, stand-out characters, and exotic races, it’s utterly bewildering that we get treated to so few gameplay experiences that truly do the Warhammer 40,000 universe any kind of justice. NeocoreGames is the most recent developer to nobly attempt to...

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    Review Dead by Daylight

    Masochistic mechanisms

    The last few years have seen numerous attempts at the asymmetrical multiplayer experience, but none have exactly hit the mark to such a degree as say, the infamous Team Deathmatch format. The most memorable of these attempts is Evolve, which saw an alright reception, progressively dwindling player numbers, and a confusing...

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    Review Worms Battlegrounds

    At war with itself

    Republished on Wednesday 1st November 2017: We're bringing this review back from the archives following the announcement of November's PlayStation Plus lineup. The original text follows. Way back in the hazy days of 1995, we doubt that plucky British studio Team 17 imagined that it would be making Worms games a...

  • Podcast Episode 27 - Is Destiny 2 Bungie the Same as Halo Bungie?

    And the Bens sign off

    That's right, you read that sub heading correctly. It's with a heavy heart that this long overdue episode will in fact be Potter and I's last foray into your ears via the Push Square Podcast. As you may have noticed, we've been relatively quiet of late at Camp 'Cast and that's been for a whole number of reasons that simply boil...

  • Hands On Blasting Baddies in Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

    In a wheelchair, no less

    Take a look at most forms of media these days and you’ll notice a lot of familiar material getting the remaster, remake, and reboot treatment. Current media in general seems to be relying on the hits of the past a tad more so than usual, resulting in releases such as the recently chart-annihilating Crash Bandicoot N.Sane...

  • Hands On Destiny 2's Beta Is Familiar Fun on PS4

    Rise up Guardian... Again

    Destiny promised us a massive multiplayer experience brimming with mystery, adventure, and friends set upon the backdrop of our solar system. What we got was a drip fed experience limited by glass ceilings, turbulent development, and a backdrop of only a handful of planets that all felt worryingly similar. That's not to say...

  • Podcast Episode 26 - Was E3 2017 a Show to Remember?

    Or has the game changed?

    Somehow it's E3 again, which apparently means all the news about video games! After recovering from the notion that it's already been a whole year, we knuckle down this episode to cover all the big hitters announced, talked about, and generally witnessed with eyeballs at the convention this year. While we touch on stuff seen...

  • Podcast Episode 25 - Is Outlast 2 the Scarefest It Promises to Be?

    And Yooka-Laylee, which doesn't rhyme with much

    Another month of your life has expired and while this brings you closer to the inevitable, sweet embrace of death, you should really look on the bright side of things – it's  Push Square Podcast time! This month we settle down with our mighty editor, Mr Sammy Barker to bring you the...

  • Podcast Episode 24 - Does Persona 5 Make Up For Mass Effect: Andromeda?

    And fresh info from the rumour mill

    Somehow it's been nearly a month since we treated you last to some fine Push Square Podcast Shenanigwans in the form of NieR: Automata and Horizon: Zero Dawn (Don't know what I'm talking about? Check this out). But we're back with what might just be our largest show ever when we get down and dirty with both

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    Review Dark Souls III: The Ringed City

    At the world's end

    The Ringed City is the end of many things. While it marks the final instalment of Dark Souls III's short run of downloadable content, it also marks the potential end for Dark Souls as we know and love it. Oh, and it also marks the end of the world. Found within endless fields of ash, The Ringed City plays host to an array of new...

  • Podcast Episode 23 - Is Horizon Zero Dawn PS4's Best Exclusive?

    And we get clear with NieR

    Hello you fine people, the Push Square Podcast is back and transmitting straight to your ears with another great episode! This week it's all about Horizon: Zero Dawn as Lord Sammy Barker comes back onto the show to get into the nitty and gritty of Aloy's adventures. He also treats you guys to some stuff about NieR:...

  • Podcast Episode 22 - Is Prey 2017's PS4 Sleeper Hit?

    And an update from Ben & Ben

    So, it's been a while, hasn't it? Well that's for a number of reasons, the first of which you've probably already guessed. An embargo for the Prey previews gave us cause to hold back the show and allow me to chat freely about my experiences with the new title from Arkane and Bethesda. Another reason for the longer than...

  • Hands On Jumping at Shadows in Prey on PS4

    A player chooses, the prey obeys

    Welcome to the first-person perspective of Morgan Yu, the androgynous protagonist of Prey. Once you've assigned Morgan a gender (a choice with no experiential ramifications) you awake in Morgan's apartment, decorated in a style delicately coined 'neo-deco' that somehow feels like a familiar sight. It's here that Prey...

  • Podcast Episode 21 - PlayStation Game of the Year 2016

    The only opinions that matter

    Well, it's been a while hasn't it? We took some time to enjoy Christmas and New Years but now we're back and ready to fill your ears with all the latest and greatest from the land of PlayStation via the Push Square Podcast. We make our triumphant 2017 debut with a MASSIVE episode to make up for our absence - and if the...

  • Game of the Year 2016 #10 - Titanfall 2

    BT 4 LYF

    We've been blessed with well over two decades worth of first-person shooter games and in that time, especially the last six years or so, the industry has been saturated with the genre, with titles delivering varying degrees of quality. This over saturation, while a sobering cornerstone of the violence in video game argument, has also been a...

  • Podcast Episode 20 - Was Final Fantasy XV Worth the Wait?

    Plus plenty of Christmas cheer

    As we settle in for Christmas, and with Tarrant on holiday, Push Square's two biggest miseries talk Final Fantasy's best protagonist and Push Square's Final Fantasy XV review. Indie Bin is Housemarque's Alienation, but how does it stack up to the excellent Resogun? Following that, we have a little natter about what...

  • Podcast Episode 19 - PSX 2016 Dissected and Discussed

    And how about Knack 2, eh?

    Well, what a time to be a PlayStation fan, am I right? This week on the Push Square Podcast we obviously take a look at all the fantastic stuff unveiled at this year's PSX which obviously takes us longer than usual meaning out Big Review this episode is put on the back bench. In my Indie Bin is PlayDead's critically...

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    Review Assassin's Creed: The Ezio Collection

    Three is a magic number

    It's become somewhat of a regular occurrence for older games that had any degree of success to suffer some kind of re-release treatment, often followed by the widespread moaning of gamers. Irrespectively, they sell rather well, so it figures that Renaissance Casanova-cum-stealthy murderer Ezio Auditore da Firenze and his...

  • Podcast Episode 18 - Mass Effect: Andromeda Details

    And FUS RO DAH

    Winter's chill is certainly here so snuggle up warm and prepare yourselves for a hot off the press episode of the Push Square Podcast. This week we give you all the usual low down on the news you may or may not have missed in sufficiently more detail than usual, making up for the omission of the featured feature to avoid bombarding...

  • Podcast Episode 17 - Bethesda's Review Code Policy

    And is Battlefield 1 any fun?

    Here on the Push Square Podcast, we pride ourselves on delivering the hottest of hot takes and the only opinions that matter anywhere in the universe. Naturally that means that in this episode we take a long hard look at how Bethesda's newly reformed review policy could affect both consumers and the industry in general...

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    Review Dark Souls III: Ashes of Ariandel

    ​The weather outside is frightful

    Enter The Painted World via the grovelling NPC at the Cleansing Chapel bonfire and you're plunged into a harsh and isolated environment, with vision-impairing snow and unfamiliar faces. Wolves hunt you down and axe-wielding warriors make the very earth beneath you quake. It seems like a tough environment where...

  • Podcast Episode 16 - PlayStation VR Review

    And Mafia III gets patted down

    So, PlayStation VR is now out in the wild, and Potter's finally got his hands on a unit, so we cut to the chase this episode and knuckle down to discuss – well, attempt to – just how the headset stacks up. We also ask the important questions: should you buy one and if you do, what games are worth your time? The...

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    Review Duke Nukem 3D: 20th Anniversary World Tour

    Here we go again

    Duke Nukem has had a somewhat turbulent past. Even in the 90s, it was a constant uphill struggle for our chauvinistic protagonist, having to compete with shooter behemoths like Quake and DOOM. In more recent times, he's attained notoriety as being overwhelmingly naff thanks to the awful experience that is Duke Nukem Forever. World...

  • Hands On Playing Our Own Way in Dishonored 2 on PS4

    Corvo, blimey?

    It's been 15 years since the events of Dishonored, and we've left the city of Dunwall behind for the vast streets of Karnaca. Emily is now banished, removed from her throne by a powerful outsider, and it's our job to set things right as we're thrust back into Arkane's intricate level design, malfunctioning moral compass, and exquisite...