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  • Video Is 7 Days to Die on PS4 Crafty or Crappy?

    Eat the dirt

    It's been panned by the press but 7 Days to Die appears to be incredibly popular among PlayStation 4 owners regardless. We figured that we'd give the game a look in our latest livestream so that you can see what it's got to offer. Are you a fan of this undead outing?

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    Review SteamWorld Heist

    Robbing the robots

    Shared universes certainly seem to have become a bit of a thing in recent years, and it's easy to see why they're attractive to game developers. Not only do you get the chance to genre jump between games, but you can also immediately pique the interest of anyone who enjoyed your previous efforts. Such is the case with Image &...

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    Review Mirror's Edge Catalyst

    Good Faith

    When the first Mirror's Edge released in 2008, it performed so poorly on the sales front that it's really quite remarkable that Mirror's Edge Catalyst exists at all. While the original certainly had its fair share of issues, some gamers look back on it quite fondly – especially since there wasn't anything quite like it at the time,...

  • Video Has Manhunt Come Dressed to Kill on PS4?

    Making a murderer

    One of the most controversial games of the PlayStation 2 era slipped a noose around the neck of the PlayStation 4 recently, and we figured that it was worth checking out. Manhunt is the latest title to be spruced up for Sony's new-gen system, with Trophies and 1080p visuals added to the very bloody broth. But is it worth replaying...

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    Review Overwatch

    Blizz-hard to put down

    If you've played many competitive multiplayer shooters, then you've likely spent far too much time celebrating – or, indeed, lamenting – your kill death ratio. Long has this little number been seen as a barometer of your success in online battles, and this in turn helped feed a steady stream of gamers into the Team...

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    Review Battleborn

    Genre blended meta growth

    Back in 2014, Gearbox Software head honcho Randy Pitchford incomprehensibly described Battleborn as an "FPS; hobby-grade co-op campaign; genre-blended, multi-mode competitive e-sports; meta-growth, choice epic Battleborn Heroes". While no one could quite decipher just what he was going on about, it was safe to assume that...

  • Video Overwatch Two Hours of Blizzard's Latest on PS4

    Hero worship

    Does the beta for Blizzard's latest hold up? You bet it does. We took Overwatch for a marathon two hour spin on our YouTube channel last night, and you can re-watch all of the action courtesy of the video embedded above. Looks great, doesn't it?

  • Video Is Max Payne Still on Target on PS4?

    Bullet time

    Max Payne stealth released on the PlayStation Store as a refreshed PlayStation 2 title for the PlayStation 4 recently, so we figured that we'd take it for a spin to see how it holds up. You can watch us play through an hour or so via the video embedded above, and remember to subscribe to our YouTube channel for much more content like...

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    Review Invisible, Inc.


    Klei Entertainment has garnered a bit of a reputation over recent years for delivering quality games across very different genres. Whether you're stealthily murdering all comers in Mark of the Ninja or trying not to starve in, well, Don't Starve, its titles have carefully woven gameplay systems that make for enjoyably deep experiences...

  • Video Watch 60 Minutes of Ratchet & Clank PS4 Gameplay

    Ship shape

    Did our glowing review not get you hyped for Ratchet & Clank on the PlayStation 4, then? It did – but you still want a bit more convincing, eh? How does 60 minutes of gameplay streamed directly from our console into your eyeballs do? Uh-huh… This will get you excited. Just look at it!

  • Guide SMITE PS4 Hints and Tips for Beginner Gods

    SMITE up your life

    MOBAs (Multiplayer Online Battle Arenas) have had a massive impact on the PC gaming landscape as they collectively rode the growing wave of game streaming to become one of the industry's biggest genres. It's strange, then, that this multiplayer juggernaut has largely bypassed PlayStation consoles and it's only with the recent...

  • Video Does Bully Still Rule the School on PS4?

    We don't need no education

    Rockstar stealth released Bully, the legendary PlayStation 2 boarding school simulator, on the PlayStation 4 this week – and we've squeezed into our old uniform in order to put it through its paces. This port packs upgraded visuals and full Trophy support – but beware: the controls haven't exactly aged gracefully.

  • Video We Point a CCTV Camera at the PS4 Port of Republique

    Hope springs eternal

    One time Kickstarter success story Republique has infiltrated the PlayStation 4, leaving Push Square Towers divided over one key question: how do you say the game's name? Ree-pub-lic? Ree-pub-leek? Ray-pub-leek? Ray-pub-lic? No idea.

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    Review Tom Clancy's The Division

    Flu York, Flu York

    In The Division it's amazing how quickly society goes to pieces. Admittedly, a genetically engineered super virus that manages to wipe out a large swathe of New York's population seems a reasonable catalyst, but you would have thought that it would have taken more than a few weeks for things to get as messed up as this. Anyhow, in...

  • Live Watch as We Shave Seconds Off Our Laps in TrackMania Turbo

    Gotta go fast

    Ubisoft's having a rather busy start to 2016, and its latest title – TrackMania Turbo – is the focus of our attention in another livestream. Watch on as we rack up some Gold Medals in the arcade racer. And, as always, don't worry if you can't catch us live – the archived video will be saved above for your viewing pleasure.

  • Live Watch Us Put Epic Games' PS4 MOBA Paragon Through Its Paces

    Unreal tournament

    It was the big closing announcement at PlayStation Experience late last year, but what is Paragon? We've been playing Epic Games' ambitious PlayStation 4 MOBA since its Early Access-esque release on Friday, and figured we'd stream some gameplay live. Don't worry if you can't watch this now, as you'll find the archived video...

  • Live Watch As We Go Hands On with The Division on PS4

    Made it to Manhattan

    The Division is out now on the PlayStation 4 – well, in Europe at least. To celebrate that fact, we're putting the game through its paces live on our YouTube channel now. If you're not able to watch right now, then you'll find an archive of the stream embedded for posterity above.

  • Live By Zeus' Beard! Watch Us Play SMITE on PS4

    MOBA madness

    We're goin' friggin' mental here at the figurative Push Square Towers, rolling out podcasts and video clips shot straight from… Well, Sammy's kitchen. But why stop there? We'll be streaming SMITE gameplay live on our YouTube channel this evening, so check back at 21:00PM UK time to watch him play. Don't worry if you can't catch the...

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    Review Far Cry Primal

    Evolution not revolution

    It's easy to imagine that when the team behind Far Cry Primal were deciding what their latest outing should be, they looked back over their previous titles and asked: what do people most enjoy about Far Cry? One of the things that would probably be near the top of that list would be the hunting and crafting that acted as one...

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    Review Dying Light: The Following

    Not that sort of buggy

    Released a little over a year ago, Dying Light turned out to be a satisfyingly brutal zombie murder sim that eschewed a lot of what you expect from such titles. By making speed and evasion stronger weapons than any of the sharp objects that you acquired, when you were stuck at ground level you couldn't help but feel incredibly...

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    Review Rebel Galaxy

    Space truckers

    Space sims can be daunting affairs. Their mind boggling complexity often means that they're more at home on the PC than consoles, and anyone that's invested time in gaming black holes like Elite: Dangerous or EVE Online, will freely admit they're not to everyone's taste. So, what if you're the sort of person who wouldn't mind blasting...

  • Game of the Year Alex's Personal PlayStation Picks

    100 XP

    Every year the Push Square Team gets together to vote for the site's PlayStation Game of the Year. While we usually keep these polls secret, we're putting the spotlight on some of our authors this holiday so that they can highlight some of their personal favourites from 2015. Today it's the turn of Alex Stinton, as role-playing games rule...

  • Game of the Year #10 - Destiny: The Taken King (PS4, PS3)

    You are my Destiny, you are my one and only

    Destiny: The Taken King is in many ways what Destiny should have been when it first came out. It's not hard to imagine Bungie getting buried under an avalanche of feedback, as every gamer and their dog had their say about what they thought was right and wrong about the game it had created. It's a testament...

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    Review Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege

    Once more unto the breach dear friends

    A teammate is yelling at the hostage to be quiet. Whether they've had a serious mental break causing them to scream at what amounts to a collection of polygons on a screen is up for debate, but what is certain is that you're both in deep trouble. What was believed to be a fortified, secure room is now anything...