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Resident Evil 6 Review

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Posted by Ken Barnes

Go West

Most people would agree that Resident Evil: Code Veronica was the last truly scary title in Capcom’s survival-horror series. Ever since the closing credits rolled on that Dreamcast classic way back in 2000, the popular view is that the franchise has been gradually getting more Westernised, and slowly shedding the foundations of the genre that it helped define.

Resident Evil 6 does nothing to alleviate those concerns.

This new entry in the franchise is far more action-oriented than any previous title in the series. The blend of violent gunplay, blockbuster cutscenes, and limited ammunition provide an exhilarating experience – but it won't appeal to everyone.

Once you've gotten through the Hollywood-style prologue, the game is split into three cleverly intertwining sections, each played from the perspective of a different character and their partner. Each of these campaigns provide a mammoth amount of content, and depending on your view of the way things play out when you've got the controller in your hands, that can be both a good thing and a bad thing.

The gameplay has changed significantly, and that’s clearly going to disappoint some people. The biggest change by far (outside of the much-improved cutscenes) comes in terms of the speed of the game itself. There’s very little of the slow, calculated approach that was required in earlier entries, with some sections feeling distinctly more run-and-gun than you’d expect – especially when you consider that the new J’avo class of enemy can use weapons. The change is so great that for the majority of Chris Redfield’s story section, for example, you’ll be convinced that you've taken a wrong turn and ended up in the middle of some sort of Japanese homage to the Call of Duty games. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but with break-neck action, you need a camera that can keep up with the pace – and it’s just not present in Resident Evil 6. For every three times that you’re presented with that dreaded “You are dead” screen, at least once will be because the camera couldn't keep up with your intentions, or decided to spin wildly out of control, causing you to lose focus and give the newly intelligent enemies an opening to attack.

As well as new problems, Resident Evil 6 contains more than its fair share of old ones, too. If you aren't playing through the game with a human team-mate, the AI one that Capcom supplies is woefully bad. With snipers taking suppressive pot-shots at you left and right (if you can get the cover system to stop randomly throwing you into the path of danger, of course), you can call for your buddy to take them out – but more often than not they’ll just pop out of cover and stand in a wide open space, taking bullets to the face. The AI’s path finding seems to be a little on the lacklustre side too, especially when two people are required to open a locked door. With this in mind, co-op is a far more fun way to play, even if you're running through the game with an absolute stranger.

But it isn't all bad – far from it. In fact, if you can get past the unavoidable deaths, the fantastic storyline and glitzy presentation is reason enough to keep playing. There are some minor improvements to common complaints, such as the ability to mix up herbs and store them in a pill box so that they can be accessed quickly in the heat of battle. And these fixes are joined by classic highlights like limited ammunition. The danger of running out of bullets really adds to the tension, and when you combine that with the exemplary soundtrack – which is on hand to ensure that you stay as highly strung as a washing line in the Andes – you've got a game that can excite as much as it infuriates.

It really depends on how you deal with the flaws as to how these opposing experiences balance out. Some of you will get angry and cast your controller aside as an unseen opponent slits your throat for third time in as many minutes, while the rest of you will probably plough through the problems in pursuit of the next jaw-dropping set-piece. It really is a mixed bag.


Resident Evil 6 steers Capcom’s survival-horror series in an even more action-oriented direction – and comes up short in some places as a result. However, if you can forgive the troublesome camera and woeful partner AI, there’s still a lot to like about this third-person shooter.

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get2sammyb said:

I'm going to enjoy having Ada Wong on the homepage all week! Despite the evident flaws, I'm really looking forward to playing this.



Azikira said:

I have this game (actually the Anthology so I can enjoy every step along the way) and I have to say, while yes it is very action oriented, I've gotten a few good scares from it. It is a ton of fun, and even though the new direction is frowned upon by long time fans of the series, ultimately it is a lot of fun if you can enjoy the game for what it does.



Gamer83 said:

Yup, 7 is just what I'd give the game, it's good, nothing more, which is a shame because there was a time I expected nothing short of greatness from this franchise and 1, 2 and Code Veronica are some of my all-time favorites. What's disappointing is Revelations for 3DS shows that Capcom is capable of marrying the old school and new school to make a great modern 'survival-horror' RE game but for whatever reason they want to chase the Call of Duty crowd with the mainline, home console entries and it's so stupid because RE has been popular since the late 90s not because it was CoD but based on its own merits. Now, that said, based on what this game is, I will give them that Leon's campaign is great and Ada's is also pretty damn good. Problem is Chris' is a horrendous Gears wannabe and the Jake/Sherry campaign which had potential to be awesome is only decent at best because it's too busy being the epitome of this game on the whole which is to say it's a jack of all trades, master of none. I'd love to see this series move back to being one of the top in gaming again but it's regressed to just being merely, and barely, 'good' and as long as the clueless people running Capcom now stay there I fear what the future holds for RE.



Gemuarto said:

If you use your brain playing RE6, it's 9 out 10, if you don't use your brain it's 6 or 7, or worse... Because you need you brain to enjoy this game. And zombies want you brain because they want to enjoy this game, but couldn't beause their brains are dead. So, author of this review is zombie or he thought that RE6 is one of those brainless games, and switched off his brain while playing Resident Evil 6.



Gamer83 said:

This isn't exactly a thinking person's game so I really don't know why you need to 'use your brain' to enjoy it. And what about this game makes it remotely close to a 9/10? And a 7 isn't a bad score, according to most places review scales, and I'd guess it's the same here, a 7/10 is good, that's what this game is, good nothing more.



Gemuarto said:

Man, that's what i was talking about. When thinking person playing RE6 it is a lot of fun. When you think that you don't need to think because this is CoD clone, then game is 6 or 7 out of 10. Also, Jake's campaign was the best. And i played RE6 only on PRO... On PRO you need to be creative in killing and surviving, you need to use your brain =).



Malic said:

The thing that's going to kill me about this game is the quick time events , its the only thing I didn't like about 5 and I hear this is filled with them



Gamer83 said:

Yeah, too many QTEs, I've had that complaint about RE since 4 and so have many others. Sadly Capcom seems to think we love them.



Gamer83 said:


Story wise I enjoyed Jake's campaign the most and it was nice to see Sherry Birkin return. Gameplay wise though, I'd say Leon's or Ada's campaign is tops.



CanisWolfred said:


I'm glad you guys weren't too hard on it, at least. I've seen some people completely slam the game. I don't think I'd like it much, but then again, I'm not a fan of games that try to do as many different things as this does.



Gamer83 said:

This game has some of the best moments in RE history. Problem is it also features many lows. When it comes time for RE 7 Capcom just needs to pick one style of game it wants to make and stick with it. I also think four separate campaigns is overkill.



Gemuarto said:

@Savino man, what i want to say is that RE6 on PRO feels more like tactical shoote mixes with crowd controlr, and less like Gears of War or Uncharted. And I played all those games on hrdest difficulty possible.

@Gamer83 It's not just story, but stealth, sandbox levels, locations.

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