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  • Store Update 11th October 2016 (Europe)

    The biggest ever?

    This must be some kind of record! Sony's dropped the European PlayStation Store update, and between PlayStation VR and a slew of holiday heavy hitters, this has to be the largest refresh ever. This author's been writing about PlayStation for eons now, but can't ever remember this many titles dropping in the same week. PS4 Games:...

  • UK Sales Charts Mafia III Crushes Predecessor's Sales Record Like Candy

    An offer you couldn't refuse

    Perhaps the Vinnie Jones promotion paid off after all, as Mafia III has soared to near the top of the UK sales charts, registering a 58.7 per cent improvement over its predecessor. Unsurprisingly with that kind of stat, the open world crime title secured the biggest launch week in the series' history thus far – and...

  • Push Rewind PlayStation VR Reviews, Modern Warfare Remastered, Mafia III

    Virtually ridiculous

    Look at that list of features! We were absolutely swamped here at Push Square this week, but we put out a mammoth amount of content, with a ton of PlayStation VR coverage. And this only represented week one of our virtual reality blow-out – expect another wealth of coverage over the coming days. Reviews: PlayStation VR...

  • Talking Point What Are You Playing This Weekend? - Issue 138

    If the Shu fits

    Another week, another WAYP – it's time again to chinwag about the titles that you'll be playing this weekend. First up, it's the turn of our team, but there's unlimited space in the comments section for all of you. Let us know what you're up to. Sammy Barker, Editor: It's all PlayStation VR, all the time for me this weekend...

  • Game of the Month Top 4 PlayStation Games of September 2016

    Jazz, wrenches, demented villagers, and good old football

    It's the start of the holiday rush, and the staff here at Push Square can feel it. While September wasn't stuffed to the brim with new releases, we did see a slew of anticipated titles hit Sony platforms, which resulted in a tight internal vote when it came down to deciding Game of the...

  • Podcast Episode 15 - A Strong Month for PS4

    And a PlayStation VR overload

    It's somehow been 15 whole episodes and to celebrate we're talking all things PlayStation VR! This takes the place of our usual 'Big Review' as our super-duper special guest this week is the king himself, Editor Sammy Barker who (with the passing of the initial embargo) drops all the details on PSVR and some of its...

  • News Persona 5 Is Three Weeks Old and It's Already Atlus' Best Selling Game Ever in Japan

    JPRG approaches half a million sales

    According to the latest Media Create sales charts, Persona 5 currently sits at 427,795 copies sold across PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3. Not quite Yo-kai Watch numbers, but still reasonably impressive given that Atlus titles have never been sales juggernauts. Even more impressive is that Persona 5 is now...

  • Japanese Sales Charts FIFA 17 Tops the Software Table on PS4

    Through on goal

    FIFA 17 had a sort-of-decent opening week in Japan, selling through 57,012 copies on PlayStation 4 and topping the software charts. For the sake of comparing, PES 2017: Pro Evolution Soccer currently sits at 90,575 copies on Sony's current-gen console, so with a few more weeks under its belt, EA's latest entry could end up matching...

  • News October Sale Hits EU PlayStation Store, Get Half Off on Loads of PS4 Games

    Uncharted, Odin Sphere, and more

    It's time once again for a hefty sale over on the European PlayStation Store, this time to coincide with, er, the fact that it's October, we guess. The featured discounts will last until the 19th of this month, so you've got a fair amount of time to weigh up your desires while looking worryingly at your wallet. On...

  • Store Update 4th October 2016 (Europe)

    An offer you can't refuse?

    It's a gangster's paradise on the European PlayStation Store this week, as Mafia III is undoubtedly the biggest new addition. It's joined by stealth title Aragami, motorcycle sim RIDE 2, cutesy platformer Shu, and a demo for Outlast 2. Not a bad selection at all, eh? PS4 Games: Dead Synchronicity: Tomorrow Comes...

  • News Download Your Free PlayStation Plus Games Now

    Roll out

    It's an absolutely killer month on PlayStation Plus this October, with Sony responding to feedback by handing out free copies of Resident Evil and Transformers: Devastation on the PlayStation 4 alone. Last-gen fans will also score Mad Riders and From Dust, while the Vita will grab Actual Sunlight and the irritatingly named Code: Realize...

  • UK Sales Charts FIFA 17 Runs Away with the League in October

    Champione! Champione!

    Manchester City may not have been able to solidify their early season dominance last week, dropping points against Celtic in the Champions League and losing to Tottenham in the Premier League – but FIFA 17 has managed what Pep Guardiola couldn't. The soccer sim, despite being considered inferior to this year's PES 2017: Pro...

  • Push Rewind October PS Plus, FIFA 17, PlayStation VR

    The week that was

    As we get busier in the build-up to Christmas here at Push Square Towers, we've been slacking on the Push Rewind front a little bit. Fortunately, we've found time to put together this week's edition, which includes the latest PlayStation Plus lineup, and a bunch of our impressions from EGX 2016. Reviews: Destiny:

  • Poll Are You Happy with October's PlayStation Plus Games?

    Prime time

    The reaction to October's PlayStation Plus offering has been largely positive as far as we can tell, with PlayStation 4 users in particular looking forward to not one but two critically acclaimed titles in Transformers: Devastation and the current-gen version of the original Resident Evil. This month's selection follows on from a...

  • Talking Point What Are You Playing This Weekend? - Issue 137

    The calm before the storm

    The holiday season is well and truly upon us, which means that this week probably represents your final opportunity to clear your backlog – unless you're already busy with FIFA 17, of course. The coming weeks will see the introduction of a not-so insignificant number of games, including Mafia III, Battlefield 1, and more...


  • News PlayStation Plus October Includes Resident Evil and Transformers on PS4

    That's more like it

    October looks to be a really solid month for PlayStation Plus. Sony has revealed that subscribers will be getting Resident Evil and Transformers: Devastation on PlayStation 4 - that's two great games right off the bat for the current-gen console. Elsewhere, the Vita selection includes interesting indie Actual Sunlight and...

  • Japanese Sales Charts PS4 Tops Hardware as Lifetime Numbers Pass Wii U

    Up and over

    Following the PlayStation 4's emphatic return to the top of the charts thanks to the introduction of the new Slim model, Sony's current-gen console hit another milestone last week when it surpassed the Wii U's lifetime sales in Japan. To date, Nintendo's console has shifted 3,265,329 units, while the PS4 has now sold through 3,267,243...

  • News Former Sony Exec Jack Tretton Details What Went Wrong with the PS3's Launch

    "The most difficult launch you could imagine"

    Briefly thinking back to past Sony press conferences, it's hard not to miss Jack Tretton and his cheeky little smile. The former president and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment America, Tretton left the company in 2014, but that hasn't stopped him from talking about the PlayStation 3 and its troubled...

  • Store Update 27th September 2016 (North America)

    Really Reus

    There's no breakout of every version of FIFA 17 in this week's North American PlayStation Store update, so it looks positively teensy compared to its European counterpart. Darkest Dungeon and XCOM 2 are pretty big releases, though. Decent restock, we reckon. PS4 Games: ARCADE ARCHIVES CONTRA $7.99 DARKEST DUNGEON (CROSS-BUY) $24.99...

  • Store Update 27th September 2016 (Europe)

    Back of the net

    Stock up on baked beans, say goodbye to your loved ones, plump your favourite cushion – the Christmas rush is here. Well, technically not quite actually. Don't get us wrong, this is a busy European PlayStation Store update, but it's padded by about a billion different versions of FIFA 17, which makes it look larger than it is. PS4...

  • UK Sales Charts BioShock: The Collection Is Still the Big Daddy

    Ayn achievement

    A lack of new releases mean that BioShock: The Collection maintained its place at the summit of the UK sales charts this week, fending off PES 2017: Pro Evolution Soccer for a second term. Destiny: The Collection was the only new entry in fourth, with most fans of that series locked into the PlayStation Store these days. Overwatch...

  • Talking Point What Are You Playing This Weekend? - Issue 136

    Short and sweet

    We're on location this week, so you're getting the shortest WAYP in the history of the feature. That's okay, though, because we're sure that you'll have ample insight to stack into the comments. You know the drill: let us know what you're playing down below. Jacob Hull, Reviewer: It's a Premier League weekend, so just you try and...

  • Talking Point What October PlayStation Plus Games Do You Want?

    Free the freebies

    The price has gone up in North America, but few could be disappointed with September 2016's selection of free PlayStation Plus games. Between the excellent Journey and the agreeable Lords of the Fallen, the PlayStation 4 alone played host to two really worthwhile downloads last time out. But now it's time to starting thinking...

  • Reminder PlayStation Plus Prices Increase in North America Tomorrow

    You've been warned

    A friendly reminder for all of you with active PlayStation Plus subscriptions: the price of the service will increase in the United States and Canada starting tomorrow. You won't be charged any extra money until your membership lapses, but we figured that it was worth positing a subtle reminder should you be due to be charged...

  • Japanese Sales Charts PS4 Numbers Skyrocket Thanks to Slim Release and Persona 5

    That's more like it

    Remember last week when we speculated that the PlayStation 4 would probably jump back to around the 20,000 mark and continue to stay there? Well, it turns out that we underestimated the Power of PlayStation, as it were. With the help of the newly released Slim model, sales of Sony's current-gen console absolutely skyrocketed,...

  • News Persona 5 Is the Fastest Selling Persona Game in 20 Years

    Tops latest Japanese charts on PS4

    Persona 5's opening week sales are in, and they're looking pretty good - especially if you're a company named Atlus. The highly anticipated title, which launched in Japan on the 15th September, topped the country's latest software charts on PlayStation 4, while second place was snatched up by the PlayStation 3...

  • Store Update 20th September 2016 (North America)


    Time to trade in all of your Strange Coins for Destiny: Rise of Iron – if only they were a legitimate currency, eh? Those of you not obsessed with Bungie's latest will probably want to know what else is on offer this week, with Dear Esther: Landmark Edition and The Bunker being obvious choices. PS4 Games: Dear Esther Landmark...

  • Store Update 20th September 2016 (Europe)

    Your Destiny

    Destiny: Rise of Iron takes top billing on the European PlayStation Store this week, bringing ample incentive for you to return to Bungie's sci-fi universe. It's been joined by a bunch of lower-profile titles, including Dear Esther, The Bunker, and Virginia – all of which are at the very least worth a look. PS4 Games: TRIALS OF THE...

  • UK Sales Charts BioShock: The Collection Gets Wet at the Summit

    Splicer to see you, to see you Splicer

    2K Games asked you to kindly purchase BioShock: The Collection on the PlayStation 4, and you responded diligently, with the title topping the all-formats charts in the UK this week. The critically acclaimed PES 2017: Pro Evolution Soccer kicked off in second, and scored over 70 per cent of its sales on Sony's...

  • Talking Point What Are You Playing This Weekend? - Issue 135

    Iron rising

    The nights are drawing in and the skies have turned a subtle shade of grey; the summer's officially over and it's time to start thinking about investing in a new woolly jumper or three. The good news is that while the sun goes on annual leave, games are beginning to release, and while we're not quite in the thick of the silly season just...

  • News August 2016 NPD: Madden NFL 17, No Man's Sky Top Software Charts

    Hello, games

    Oh look, it's the NPD report. You may have noticed that we skipped coverage of this over the past couple of months. Apologies for that, but the NPD has changed the way it makes this information available. We used to get platform ordering for software sales and all sorts of other intel, but that can only be accessed by paying members...

  • News Download All of Battlefield 4's Expansions Free on PS4

    Get all five packs without paying a penny

    Battlefield 4's been on sale for some stupidly low prices on the PlayStation Store lately, and if you want to really take advantage of the title's deep discounts, then you'll probably want to nab all of its DLC for free. EA has made all five (!) of the outing's expansions complimentary on the PlayStation 4...

  • Japanese Sales Charts PS4 Hits Rock Bottom as Slim Approaches

    One more time

    The PlayStation 4 Slim launches tomorrow in Japan alongside Persona 5, meaning that regular PlayStation 4 sales have fallen off a cliff. The current-gen console managed to shift just 560 units last week, with the PlayStation 3 actually selling more than double that. All eyes are now on next Wednesday's charts, as they'll feature the...

  • Store Update 13th September 2016 (North America)


    Whoops, we're a little bit late with this – would you kindly read it anyway? Remasters rule the roost in this week's North American PlayStation Store update, with BioShock: The Collection and the trio of Dead Rising titles taking top billing. There's also a new PS2 Classic in the form of Hot Shots Tennis. PS4 Games: BIOSHOCK: THE...

  • Store Update 13th September 2016 (Europe)

    To the hockey

    So many PlayStation 4 games. Although, to be fair, this week's European PlayStation Store update is padded by à la carte remaster compilations and about a billion different versions of NHL 17. Does anyone even want the standard version on this side of the Atlantic? PS4 Games: EA Sports FIFA 17 demo 13th September Dead Rising Triple...

  • UK Sales Charts Overwatch Is Still Unbeatable as Uncharted Stretches Its Legs

    Tracer on top

    Sony must be really, really satisfied with Uncharted 4: A Thief's End. The game's been a constant in the UK top ten since its release, and it's remained in seventh this week. No Man's Sky, another first-party game, is also doing incredibly well for itself – despite the poor word of mouth. It's finished up in eighth this week. But...

  • Game of the Month Top 4 PlayStation Games of August 2016

    Robot limbs, scary dogs, virtual girls, and fish

    See, this is what happens when you remember to organise the staff Game of the Month vote too early. Your humble host put the internal poll together before September had even begun, and now here we are, over a week later, and the damn article is only just being written. Still, we can at least push...

  • Talking Point What Are You Playing This Weekend - Issue 134

    The waiting game

    Wow, 134 issues of What Are You Playing and this is maybe... The third or fourth time that Overlord Barker hasn't put it together? That's some dedication right there, but enough waffling - it's time to find out what we're going to be playing on this rather grey but warm UK weekend. Robert Ramsey, Associate Editor: It's taken me...

  • Japanese Sales Charts PS4 Flatlines as Slim Model Nears

    The Witcher 3's back, though

    As you'd expect, PlayStation 4 sales are plummeting in Japan ahead of the Slim's imminent arrival. Sony's system sold through just 1828 units last week as the standard PS4 model is slowly phased out to make room for its sleeker sibling. Meanwhile, on the software side of things, there's no really too much to see. The...

  • Store Update 6th September 2016 (North America)

    Tomorrow, tomorrow

    Not a bad update for the North American PlayStation Store this week, with The Tomorrow Children finally, finally launching on PlayStation 4. It releases alongside super old MMO Star Trek Online and Japanese role-playing game sequel Trials of Cold Steel II. Are you nabbing anything in particular? Splash some cash in the comments...

  • News PSN Down For Third Time in Two Weeks

    Let's hope it's another blip

    Uh oh, the PlayStation Network seems to be down again. Over the last couple of weeks, there have been two widely reported outages - although neither has lasted more than a few hours, thankfully. With any luck, this latest downtime will be a similar story. Weighing in with our own experience, we currently can't connect...

  • News You Can Download Your September PlayStation Plus Games Now

    Journey and Lords of the Fallen go live

    Better check how much room you've got left on your hard drive, because September's PlayStation Plus selection is now live in Europe. We assume that those of you in North America will have to wait a few hours yet. Just in case you're not up to speed, September's offering includes the impeccable Journey and...

  • Store Update 6th September 2016 (Europe)

    Those PS4 games just keep on coming

    This week's European PlayStation Store update is a reasonably large one, with twenty new PS4 titles hitting the digital shelves either today or a little later this week. Highlights include eerily wacky The Tomorrow Children, ancient MMO Star Trek Online, and the weirdly promising Virginia. See anything that takes...

  • UK Sales Charts Overwatch Gets Play of the Game as It Jumps Back to Number 1

    Uncharted 4 swings back into top 5, too

    It's largely a case of the usual suspects when it comes to the latest UK software charts, with Overwatch reclaiming the top spot for the fourth time in its life thanks to a recent price drop. According to Chart-Track - who compiles these charts - Overwatch has now spent more weeks at number one than any...

  • Poll Are You Happy with September's PlayStation Plus Games?

    Journey of the Fallen

    After August's rather divisive offering, the reaction to September's PlayStation Plus selection didn't seem too bad. With superb PlayStation exclusive Journey and the janky but enjoyable Lords of the Fallen up for grabs this month, there's an argument that this is one of the strongest line ups that the service has offered in...

  • Talking Point What Are You Playing This Weekend? - Issue 133

    Are you Red E?

    It's the calm before the storm – and not just because we've had a couple of days of hot weather here in the UK. No, we're referring to the fact that the next time we write a WAYP, we'll all know what the PS4K – or Neo – actually is. Exciting stuff, eh? Let's hope it doesn't leak on NeoGAF before Andy House hits the stage...

  • News PSN Down for Some as Web Rages Over Connection Issues

    Offline and out

    Battlefield 1's servers may be a bit more functional today, but Sony's aren't it seems. While not everyone appears to be affected, reports are swirling that PlayStation Network is having a few hiccups – despite the platform holder failing to comment at the time of typing. Most likely this is just a temporary blip, as was the case...



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