PlayStation 3 News


  • Store Update 10th October 2017 (Europe)

    An avalanche

    Yup, we’re back to bonkers European PlayStation Store updates again. This week sees 28 new games arrive on Sony’s plaza, including big name sequels like Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor and The Evil Within 2. To be honest, even the Vita is having a good week, which should tell you all you need to know. PS4 Games: GT Sport...

  • News UK Sales Charts: FIFA 18 Tightens Its Grip on Championship Spot

    Title challenge

    Yeah, very few games would have been able to dethrone FIFA 18 in its second week on the UK sales charts, as it posted numbers that most games would be proud of in their first week on sale. Xbox One exclusive Forza Motorsport 7 was the only title to really threaten the soccer sim’s crown, and it saw its sales dip compared to its...

  • Talking Point What Are You Playing This Weekend? - Issue 189

    On the agenda

    Well, this is it, then: the start of silly season. You better hope your backlog has been appropriately cleared, because there are a lot of games coming out over the next eight weeks, and regardless of which ones you choose, you’re going to need a lot of free time to play them all. Sammy Barker, Editor: I’ll be patiently waiting...

  • PlayStation Store Sales Charts Destiny 2 Doesn't Disappoint

    But still can't topple FIFA 18 in Europe

    With Destiny 2 sales down at retail, Bungie’s sequel needed to put in a big performance on the PlayStation Store – and, well, it topped the PlayStation Store sales charts for North America in September. But in Europe it was toppled by an even bigger brand: FIFA 18 shot straight to the number one in the...

  • News Japanese Sales Charts: Trails of Cold Steel III and FIFA 18 Lead the Charge on PS4


    The latest Japanese software charts are in, and two PlayStation 4 titles are at the top. The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III entered in first place, selling around 87,000 copies. That's not a bad showing for a sequel in a somewhat niche series. Meanwhile, FIFA 18 sprinted into second, shifting 56,000 copies. Most popular...

  • News PS4 Exclusives Heavily Discounted in EU PlayStation Store Sale

    Save on PS3, Vita, PS2, and PSone titles, too

    Sony’s leading with PlayStation exclusives in the latest European PlayStation Store sale – and this promotion covers a lot of ground. Whether it’s new-ish blockbusters like Horizon: Zero Dawn (£24.99), Ratchet & Clank (£11.99), and WipEout Omega Collection (£12.99) or remasters such as...

  • News October's Free PlayStation Plus Games Are Available Now

    Phantom pain

    October’s excellent roster of free PlayStation Plus games are available now in Europe – and should deploy in North America shortly. In case you missed the memo, the headline arrival this month is none other than Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain – an absolutely superb PlayStation 4 freebie. It’s accompanied by Amnesia:...

  • Game of the Month Top 4 PlayStation Games of September 2017

    Killer bears, lost light, super sequels, and a classic returns

    September was another good month for PlayStation gaming, making our staff vote a rather tense affair. Things are only going to get more and more heated as we move into the final few months of the year, so let's take the time to appreciate the relative calm before the storm. Bronze...

  • Store Update 3rd October 2017 (Europe)

    Calm before the storm

    Hold the phone – it’s a relatively quiet European PlayStation Store update. Well, to be clear there’s lots of stuff, but there aren’t the multitude of heavy hitters that we’ve become accustomed to in recent months. Highlights this week include, like, Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen and Battle Chasers: Nightwar. PS4...

  • News UK Sales Charts: FIFA 18 Bundles Do the Business for PS4

    Sony commands 60 per cent of sales

    Sony commanded a dizzying 60 per cent of launch FIFA 18 sales after snagging marketing rights to the soccer simulation. Last year it managed 53 per cent, so it’s actually improved its share of the spoils year-over-year. However, it’s worth noting that sales of the footie favourite are actually down 25 per cent...




  • News UK Sales Charts: Crash Bandicoot Can't Be Stopped At This Point

    Top of the charts again

    Ain’t no one getting in the way of the ‘coot, as Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy has continued its N. Sane sales trajectory with a fourth week at number one in the UK sales charts. To be fair, there’s not much competition for the classic platformer at the moment, but it’s becoming increasingly clear that the remake...

  • Talking Point What Are You Playing This Weekend? - Issue 179

    Calling time on July

    As the outrageous August release schedule nears, this may be your last opportunity to clear out your backlog before it multiplies all over again. Is there anything that you’re desperate to cross off your list this weekend? Or are already on top of things and ready to try something new? You know the drill! Sammy Barker,...

  • News Persona 5 Has Stolen the Hearts of Around 1.8 Million People

    SEGA provides sales update

    Persona 5 has shipped 1.8 million copies worldwide, according to publisher SEGA. Obviously shipped doesn't mean sold directly to consumers, but as we always say, retailers aren't really in the habit of buying stock that they won't be able to shift. It's also worth remembering that Persona 5 ran into a number of stock...

  • News August 2017 PlayStation Plus Games Announced

    Just Cause 3 and Assassin's Creed lead the way

    Sony's lifted the curtain on next month's PlayStation Plus games, and it's honestly not a bad selection -- at least as far as the current-gen platform is concerned. PlayStation 4 users get open world romp Just Cause 3 and Assassin's Creed: Freedom Cry -- that's the standalone expansion...

  • News Japanese Sales Charts: PS4 Passes 5 Million Milestone

    The big 5 M

    The PlayStation 4 has passed the five million units sold mark in its native Japan, which is a relatively impressive milestone for a home console in the Land of the Rising Sun these days. We suppose that congratulations are in order. And boy are we glad, because there's bugger all else to write about from a PlayStation perspective this...

  • Store Update 25th July 2017 (Europe)

    Brace yourselves

    Blimey! This week’s European PlayStation Store update speaks for itself – just look at the sheer size of it. There’s so much stuff here to test out: the excellent Pyre, the fascinating Super Cloudbuilt, and the uber-addictive Vostok Inc (more on that soon). There’s also a bunch of PlayStation VR stuff in Tiny Trax, Infinite...

  • News UK Sales Charts: Crash Bandicoot Paints Over Splatoon 2


    Here’s a bit of a twist: Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy actually outsold new release Splatoon 2 in the UK sales charts this week – despite the former being almost a month old. Now the comparison’s not entirely fair because Activision’s remaster is cheaper and on a console with a bigger install base, but it had looked like...

  • Talking Point What Are You Playing This Weekend? - Issue 178

    Plenty of variety

    It’s the penultimate weekend in July before the August apocalypse arrives. Seriously, if you thought that you were going to have another month to clear your backlog, then think again – the next month is looking stacked. You may want to polish up any leftovers while you still have the chance. Sammy Barker, Editor: I’m on the...

  • Talking Point What Free August 2017 PlayStation Plus Games Do You Want?

    When will August's PS Plus games be announced?

    Time really does fly when you’re having fun. We’ve barely got done ensuring that the awful teenage cast of Until Dawn endure the worst deaths imaginable, and already it’s time to start thinking about August 2017’s big PlayStation Plus update. We’re anticipating an announcement for the full...

  • News June 2017 NPD: PS4 Enjoys Best June Since Launch

    Tekken 7 tops, Crash Bandicoot hits

    The PlayStation 4 may be knee-deep into its fourth year, but it’s showing no signs of slowing – in fact, it’s actually performing better than in previous years. Sony’s console topped the United States hardware charts for a second successive month, registering its strongest June on record since release...

  • News Japanese Sales Charts: Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age Journeys to the Top on PS4

    PS4 sales also see a boost

    It doesn't come as much of a surprise, but Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age has topped the latest Japanese software charts. The superb remaster shifted a reasonable 100,764 copies on PlayStation 4, while Gundam Versus enjoyed its second week in the top five. Meanwhile, sales of Sony's current-gen console actually...

  • News European Totally Digital Sale Expands with More Impulse Buys

    Your wallet's already dead

    Not content with one new European PlayStation Store sale, Sony’s complemented its scorching Summer Sale with some all-new Totally Digital deals – including favourite games like Stardew Valley, INSIDE, The Witness, and more. There are some ridiculous impulse bu

  • News My God! There's a Sizzling Summer Sale on the EU PlayStation Store

    Hot in here

    Well this is just getting silly now. Sony has followed up that amazing Big in Japan sale on the European PlayStation Store with a slew of summer sizzlers that are going to leave you broke. This enormous sale sees prices slashed by up to 60 per cent, with an absolute wealth of PlayStation VR goods up for grabs. Don’t worry if you’re...

  • News Digital Games Go Ruinously Cheap on the NA PlayStation Store

    Here we go again

    Another week, another wallet-busting North American PlayStation Store sale. This time it’s digital games that are discounted, with PlayStation Plus members scoring savings of up to 60 per cent on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and Vita. Some standouts include INSIDE for $9.99, SOMA for $5.99, and the wonderful The Witness for...

  • Store Update 18th July 2017 (Europe)

    Super hot

    The retail releases may be drying up for the summer, but the European PlayStation Store is still firing on all cylinders. This week sees the release of some pretty hotly anticipated digital downloads, including SUPERHOT (and its PlayStation VR counterpart), Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles, and the Early Access release of the long...

  • News UK Sales Charts: Final Fantasy XII Heralds the Zodiac Age

    Square Enix remaster scales summit

    Slow week or extremely successful remaster? Probably a mixture of both: Final Fantasy XII’s excellent PlayStation 4 re-release has topped the UK sales charts, beating out Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy, Overwatch, and Grand Theft Auto V. Elsewhere, big sales on sites like