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  • Review CREED: Rise to Glory - Should Have Been a Knockout

    Sun’s out, guns out

    Boxing seems like a perfect area for virtual reality to explore. The tactile nature of beating the pulp out of another person seems ripe for the medium, and there have been relatively few PlayStation VR boxing forays thus far, making CREED: Rise to Glory stand out a little more than it otherwise might. CREED is a tie-in to the...

  • News Sony Doubling Down on PSVR with 'Deeper Gaming' Experiences

    Shuhei Yoshida planning bigger projects

    Our view is that PlayStation VR is at its best when it’s doing something new, but not everyone agrees. Read any message board or comments section and you’ll see consumers demanding more “traditional” gaming experiences for the device, and Sony looks poised to deliver that moving forwards. Rather than...

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    Review Transference

    Orthanc was a Ubisoft tower?

    Transference is one of those games that’s best experienced knowing as little about what awaits you as possible. As such, we intend to remain as vague as possible when it comes to discussing narrative threads and consequences, while still giving you a good idea of how the experience adds up as a whole. Although, with...

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    Review Blind

    Are you afraid of the dark?

    When Tiny Bull Studios first announced Blind, they were, for the most part, ahead of the curve when it came to first-person titles based around using echolocation. However, in the ensuing years, that type of game has practically burgeoned into its own sub-genre, with titles like Perception and Stifled leading the charge...