The Last of Us Part II PS4 PlayStation 4

Yesterday, developer Naughty Dog posted what seemed like a pretty innocuous tweet about its upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive, The Last of Us: Part II. In said tweet, the studio talks about Ellie's more agile gameplay, with the ability to reach more areas and overcome more obstacles than Joel in the first game. It's something we already know about, but Naughty Dog reiterated the information alongside a short snippet of gameplay.

Again, it's a perfectly reasonable tweet, but the replies make it clear that people aren't best pleased about it. Some feel that the studio's emphasis on this aspect of the game make it seem outdated. Ellie can jump and climb on things, big deal, right? The point isn't that this is some game-changing revelation -- it's simply something new for the sequel given Ellie's small build.

Another point of contention among avid Twitterers is the snow deformation visible in the video. The snow appears to snap into place around Ellie's feet, and then when she leaps atop the large structure, the white powder flattens in a strange way as she makes an impact. Granted, it doesn't look amazing, but as we understand it, this clip is from last September's gameplay videos. It probably represents an old version of the game at this point, six months down the line.

We're not quite sure why The Last of Us 2 is under attack here, but it kind of reminds us of the infamous Marvel's Spider-Man puddle episode. Maybe wait until you see the final game before you pass judgment, yeah? Only a couple of months to go.

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