Update: Speaking with Play Diaries, publisher Excalibur Games has confirmed that Road to Guangdong will launch in June, both physically and digitally on the PS4. There's no firm date just yet, but as previously reported, Amazon UK is listing a 19th June launch.

Original Article: Chinese road trip simulator Road to Guangdong is fuelling up for a PlayStation 4 release. Originally launched on Steam last summer, the unique adventure sees a young art graduate reunited with her elderly aunt for a “memorable road trip”. The official blurb reads: “Settle into the driving seat for a moving tale of faded memories, family ties, and generational angst.”

You’ll need to maintain your car throughout the journey, while making decisions that influence the outcome of the story. Despite only being officially announced for the Xbox One thus far, an Amazon UK listing has all but confirmed a PS4 version as well – although there’s no firm release date just yet, with the retail giant likely opting for a placeholder launch of 19th June.

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