Earlier this month, Sony unveiled a cool competition in which all PlayStation 4 owners can take part. PlayStation Player Celebration is an event lasting for a few weeks, and all participants have the chance to win various goodies like PSN avatars, themes, and more. Sign-ups started last week, but the first community challenge begins today, 24th February.

Taking part couldn't be simpler -- all you have to do is play PS4 games and earn Trophies. Collectively playing 125,000 games and earning 500,000 Trophies will earn a special avatar and theme set for everyone. Completing this goal will unlock the next, and again, you just need to keep playing to reach the required numbers.

Those who sign up will also be in with a chance to win some particularly nice prizes, like a real life Platinum Trophy and PSN vouchers.

Will you be taking part in the PlayStation Player Celebration? Ping those Trophies in the comments below.

[source playstation.com, via blog.us.playstation.com]