Resident Evil 3 is shaping up to be a corker of an experience on PlayStation 4. We recently played two hours of the survival horror title at a preview event and you can read our full thoughts based on what we saw through the link. We sign off by saying that the game "could be about to take the franchise's top spot", but we'll have to wait until its release date on 3rd April 2020 until we can set that claim in stone. Although, in the meantime, surely you want a good look at Resident Evil 3 with a whole host of new screenshots? We've gathered together every new image for your viewing pleasure below.


Drain Deimos

Hunter Gammas

Raccoon City

The Sewers

Which is your favourite new image? Do you like the look of Nemesis? Don't forget to read through our Resident Evil 3 impressions and what we thought of Resident Evil Resistance. Share your thoughts in the comments below.