5. Everybody's Golf (PS4)

Everybody's Golf (PS4)Everybody's Golf (PS4)
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment / Developer: Clap Hanz
Release Date: 29th Aug 2017 (USA) / 30th Aug 2017 (UK/EU)

Everybody’s Golf has been largely the same game for decades, but with its inaugural PS4 instalment, Clap-Hanz elevated the formula by adding in plenty of customisation options and open world courses. It makes the game feel much more alive than its predecessors, and with buggies to drive and daily competitions to compete in, there’s much more to engage with than ever before. Perhaps most importantly, the underlying click-click-click gameplay remains easy to execute but challenging to master.

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4. NBA 2K20 (PS4)

NBA 2K20 (PS4)NBA 2K20 (PS4)
Publisher: 2K Sports / Developer: Visual Concepts
Release Date: 6th Sep 2019 (USA) / 6th Sep 2019 (UK/EU)

NBA 2K20 has sublime on-court action and stunning presentation, but despite some strides forward, it still can't resist reining in its ridiculous microtransactions. There's a vast array of content here, from building your own unbeatable squad in MyTeam through to managing an entire franchise in MyGM, but its demands for real-world cash at every corner do begin to grate.

3. Gran Turismo Sport (PS4)

Gran Turismo Sport (PS4)Gran Turismo Sport (PS4)
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment / Developer: Polyphony Digital
Release Date: 17th Oct 2017 (USA) / 18th Oct 2017 (UK/EU)

Gran Turismo Sport may have divided franchise fans with its online focus, but there’s simply no question that its e-sports emphasis has pushed the simulation racing genre to the next level. With a focus on etiquette, online races feel both realistic and competitive – and the whole process of qualifying for events gives a sense of occasion to each and every multiplayer match.

2. Rocket League (PS4)

Rocket League (PS4)Rocket League (PS4)
Publisher: Psyonix Studios / Developer: Psyonix Studios
Release Date: 7th Jul 2015 (USA) / 7th Jul 2015 (UK/EU)

We debated it, and there’s no doubt that Rocket League is a sports game. The vehicular-based soccer sim sees you flinging nitro-powered cars around colourful arenas, attempting to steer an oversized ball into the back of your opponent’s net. Utterly superb in multiplayer, Psyonix’s smash hit is one of the highlights of the generation – and a mainstay on our hard-drives. It only doesn’t top this list because it doesn’t necessarily fit the mould of what a traditional sports game is – i.e. it’s not actually simulating something that we play in the real-world. More’s the pity.

1. MLB The Show 19 (PS4)

MLB The Show 19 (PS4)MLB The Show 19 (PS4)
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment / Developer: SCE San Diego Studio
Release Date: 26th Mar 2019 (USA) / 27th Mar 2019 (UK/EU)

There’s just nothing quite like MLB The Show 19 when it comes to presentation and gameplay. We’d argue that Sony San Diego has mastered the sport of baseball, but this series still somehow improves every year. Road to the Show is a brilliant campaign mode, which transforms a relatively simple sport into a fully-fledged role-playing game, while March to October truncates the lengthy MLB season into a series of pivotal moments. It’s the card collecting Diamond Dynasty mode that pulls everything together, though – an outrageously addictive squad building offering that will consume your life. And when you’re out on the field? Well, it’s simply sublime.