The list of quality racing games on PlayStation 4 could be a lot better, but when you narrow it down to PlayStation VR titles alone, it becomes worryingly short. Developer Ivanovich Games is hoping to change all that, however, with Touring Karts -- a kart racer scheduled to hit the platform next month on 12th December. It looks like a genuinely good take on Mario Kart in virtual reality, so we'll let the trailer above do the talking.

An impressive six different control schemes will allow you to customise the way you navigate the game's 22 tracks, all of which can be raced on using 30 different Formula 1-inspired cars. A story mode offers "500 original challenges" which can be completed either on your own or in multiplayer, while an online offering contains three different game modes, daily cups, and the ability to play alongside your friends. A seemingly hefty amount of content indeed.

This really does sound like the real deal, so you'll be happy to learn that Touring Karts will launch at a price of $19.99, but a 15% discount on PS4 brings that down slightly for two weeks. The cherry on top is that Touring Karts will soon receive cross-play functionality across PC and home consoles, meaning you shouldn't have too much trouble getting into an online lobby after release.

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