Man of Medan came out earlier this year, and one of its most interesting ideas is its social aspects. Linear horror games like this are normally built for just one player, but Supermassive Games embraced the notion of getting a whole room involved in the adventure. As it's the week of Black Friday, publisher Bandai Namco has taken this theme and run with it, granting all owners of the game a free Friend's Pass.

The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan Friend's Pass PS4 PlayStation 4

If you currently have Man of Medan, or if you buy it before 6th January 2020, you'll earn a Friend's Pass. What this lets you do is play a full run of the Shared Story Multiplayer with one of your pals, even if they don't own the game themselves. They will at least need to download the free trial version of the game, but after that, you can invite them along for the full experience. The Friend's Pass will be provided to Man of Medan players via a patch.

In addition, the Curator's Cut DLC has now been made available to all for free. This extra content gives you fresh perspectives on the game's events as well as new consequences. If you've been waiting to check this spooky adventure game out, now might be a good time.

Will you be taking advantage of these Man of Medan freebies on PlayStation 4? Don't play alone in the comments below.