What Are PS5's Specs Guide PlayStation 5 1

What are the PS5's specs? Sony's PlayStation 5 is coming, and it's going to come packed with some pretty impressive technology. For most people, the technical specifications of the PS5 won't matter all that much -- at the end of the day, the important thing is that Sony's next generation console runs a new wave of games with even more impressive visuals. But what precisely is under the hood of PS5? We're going to tell you all we know in this guide.

What Are PS5's Specs?

Here's everything we know so far about the PS5's tech specs. As we learn more, we'll keep this guide up to date.

4K Blu-ray Disc Drive

Put away any worries that the PS5 will be a digital only machine. It'll feature a regular disc drive for all your physical games -- and yes, that includes PS4 discs. For more information about the PS5's backwards compatibility, take a look at this guide.

Also worth noting is that the disc drive will support 4K Blu-rays, meaning you can use your PS5 to watch all your high resolution movies too.

Solid State Drive (SSD)

One of the PS5's defining technical features is its SSD, or solid state drive. This replaces a traditional hard drive as the primary form of storage. Solid state drives are basically much faster than your typical hard drive; the PS5 will be able to read data from the drive far more quickly. This will ultimately result in dramatically faster loading times and data streaming. You can learn more about PS5's SSD through here.

Third Generation AMD Ryzen CPU

The PlayStation 5's central processing unit, or CPU, is "based on the third generation of AMD’s Ryzen line and contains eight cores of the company’s new 7nm Zen 2 microarchitecture". What this means in layman's terms is that the PS5 will have a lot of power at its core. We don't know much about the specifics yet -- we'll update you when we know more.

One feature this CPU will allow for, according to Mark Cerny, is 3D audio. You can read more about that through here.

Radeon Navi GPU

The graphics processing unit, or GPU, of the PS5 will apparently be "a custom variant of Radeon’s Navi family" and will allow for some impressive new visual techniques, such as ray tracing. You can read up on ray tracing in this guide.

For more information on PlayStation 5, read up with our PS5 FAQ.