Call of Duty: Modern Warfare attempts to paint a harrowing picture of the realities of war, which means there are a fair few disturbing moments in the campaign. One segment – featuring a raid on a house in Camden Town – sees you skulking up stairs, sneaking in the shadows, and hopefully holding your fire.

In one room, you’ll stumble upon a mother who sprints over to a cot to pick up her crying baby. The context in this mission is that anyone can be a bad guy, so while the parent may seem innocent, you need to decide whether you’re going to shoot or not. Eliminate her and she’ll slump to the floor with her baby still crying, but what if you target the child?

Shoot the baby, and the screen will immediately fade to black and you’ll be taken back to the nearest checkpoint. If you keep targeting the nipper, though, the title will eventually ask you a question: “Are you serious?” You’ll then be booted back to the mission map screen while you pause and think about what you’ve done.