The Last of Us Part II PS4 PlayStation 4

Ah, the good old skill tree. This RPG trope has made its way into all kinds of games, and now it's infected The Last of Us: Part II. That's right, players will have various ways to upgrade Ellie as they make their way through the game, and it sounds pretty standard.

According to the PlayStation Blog, there are at least three skill paths to work your way through. Survival is one, focusing on increasing health, expanding the range of Listen Mode, and more. Next is Crafting, which will obviously enable Ellie to make more items and better equipment. Then you have Stealth -- this tree deals with things like movement speed when prone, faster stealth kills, and probably the amount of noise you make in general.

So, by the time we're all done with The Last of Us: Part II, we could all end up with a slightly different Ellie depending on our play styles. What do you think of skill trees in The Last of Us? Choose your path in the comments below.