Erica Screen 07 Ps4 Eu 30oct17

Update: We can be fairly certain that Erica will be at Gamescom 2019 in some capacity, but there's also a chance you may be playing it sooner than you think. The title's Trophies have just hit Sony's servers, and along with the previously leaked rating in Australia, there's a possibility this may shadow drop during the show itself. If not, then we can't imagine it'll be far away.

If you were paying attention just prior to E3 2019, you may have noticed that a ludicrous amount of announcements and reveals were leaked early by one particular person. Known as Sabi on Twitter, she tweeted out a number of titles that would be cropping up at the event, and lo and behold, pretty much everything she said would happen did indeed come to fruition.

With Gamescom 2019 kicking off tomorrow, the leaker in question has once again returned with a long list of games we should expect to put in an appearance at the convention. The one that really caught our eye, though, is Erica - the long-forgotten PS4 exclusive that was announced a fair few years back. According to Sabi, the live action drama will receive some sort of update at the show after it got an Australian age rating back in June.

We'd like to think that the game is close to release, but as always, take these sorts of rumours with a pinch of salt. While this particular leaker does have an impressive track record, we still can't help but feel there's something suspicious going on here. We continue to question just how someone can get a hold of this much information prior to the show.

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