When Is the Next Sony PlayStation State of Play Livestream? Guide 1

State of Play is Sony’s new regularly scheduled Nintendo Direct-inspired livestream show, which the platform holder’s committed to being a recurring event. At the time of writing there have been two instalments of the pre-recorded broadcast, so when will the next Sony PlayStation State of Play livestream air? We have all the rumours and speculation.

When Is the Next Sony PlayStation State of Play Livestream?

Sony has yet to officially announce the next State of Play livestream, although there have been no shortage of rumours flying around. Most notably, a Spanish site claimed that a new The Last of Us: Part II-themed broadcast would air on 30th May, but this naturally failed to materialise.

There was also speculation that the manufacturer would host a State of Play livestream during E3 2019, but following its very public departure from the convention, this didn't occur either. There's a chance that the Japanese giant may want to update over the summer, but with this being a slow period for the games industry in general, we wouldn't recommend you hold your breath.

Our best bet is that it'll do something to coincide with Outbreak Day in late September, as it's starting to sound like The Last of Us: Part II is getting close to release, and it's going to need a big event to put it back in the spotlight again.