Can you use a DualShock 4 PlayStation 4 controller with iOS Remote Play? Do you have to play using the on-screen touch controls? Firmware update 6.50 introduced the ability to use the PS4's Remote Play feature with iOS devices, such as iPhone and iPad. Unfortunately, if you try to use your regular controller, it won't let you, disconnecting Remote Play. However, all is not lost.

It's possible to play some games using the touch controls, although it isn't ideal, especially if you're using a device with a small screen. Fortunately, Apple recently announced that tvOS and iOS will both be updated with native support for DualShock 4, meaning you'll be able to use your controller with no problems. iOS 13 is coming this Fall, so there's still a bit of time before you can officially use a PS4 pad with your Apple device. Once the iOS update arrives, there shouldn't be any need to follow the below steps; your DualShock 4 should work seamlessly.

In the meantime, if you wish to use your PS4 controller for Remote Play on your iOS device, there is a solution, but it's a bit of an awkward workaround. In this guide, we'll outline how you can use your DualShock 4 to operate Remote Play on your Apple product. It should be noted that this won't work if you're away from your console, as you're still connecting your controller to your PS4 with this method. It will come in handy if someone else wants to use the TV, though.

How to use a DualShock 4 PS4 controller with Remote Play on iOS

Let's go through the steps to allow the use of a PS4 controller with the Remote Play App.

Download 'PS4 Remote Play' App from the App Store to your iOS device

A self-explanatory first step is to ensure you have downloaded the App from the App Store. Make sure you have the official one -- here's a link if you're struggling to find it.

Log into a secondary account on your PS4

This might sound counterintuitive, but it's key to this workaround. You must log into a second account on your console. You might only have one account on your PS4, in which case you'll need to create a new one. To do this:

  1. Click 'New User' on the account selection screen, then choose 'Create a User'.
  2. Click 'Accept' and then 'Next'. You'll need to log into an alternative PlayStation Network account or create a new one. Either enter the login details, or click 'Create an Account' to set up a new PSN ID.
  3. Go through all the steps to create a dummy PSN account. If you haven't already, this is a great opportunity to create an account within a different region, a guide to which can be found through here. It instructs on how to create a North American PSN account, but it's applicable to other regions too.

Once you have a secondary account set up on your PS4, log into it.

Start 'PS4 Remote Play' App on your iOS device

Fire up the Remote Play App on your device. Once it's up and running, tap 'Start' to, well, start the process.

Log into your secondary PSN account

You'll be prompted to log into PSN within the App. Enter the details for your secondary account. After you've successfully logged in, the App will begin searching for your PS4. This may take a minute or two, but if you've done everything correctly, Remote Play should begin on your iOS device.

Log into your main PS4 account with your DualShock 4 controller

Here's where it get's a bit tricky. Your PS4 controller will be deactivated following the start of Remote Play; turn it back on with the PS button, as normal. On the account selection screen, log into your regular PS4 account, the one you want to use with Remote Play.

Press the PS button on your PS4 controller

Once you've selected the account you want to use with Remote Play, you'll be thrown back to your secondary account's main menu. Don't worry: all you need to do now is press the PS button once more. You should now see your main account's home screen instead. And hey, would you look at that -- you can now use your PS4 pad to control Remote Play on your iOS device.

Will you be making use of this new feature in PS4 firmware update 6.50? Do you like the touch controls in the Remote Play App for iOS, or will you be using a DualShock 4 controller instead? Take back control in the comments below.