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Sony is still eager to unify its various divisions, with PlayStation Productions an example of this. The new media-focused unit is part of Sony Interactive Entertainment, but it will leverage experience from Sony Pictures to bring PlayStation properties to both the small and big screen. According to speculation today, Twisted Metal will be the first brand to be converted to television.

But buried in an investor relations presentation, the platform holder also hinted that it will call upon Sony Music artists to create original songs for first-party games. Now obviously it’s hard to imagine Pharrell Williams writing the theme tune for The Last of Us: Part II, but it sounds like this is something the manufacturer is actively looking to explore if it can find the right kind of fits.

The organisation also talked about bringing more Sony artists to PlayStation VR, which is something it’s already achieved with bands like The Chainsmokers. It makes sense to cultivate this kind of synergy between different business units, but the firm has to ensure that any potential collaborations make sense.