The Last Of Us Part 2 PS4 PlayStation 4

So, how is development coming along on The Last of Us: Part 2? We've no real idea, of course, but every so often we get a little clue. Neil Druckmann, director on the hotly anticipated sequel, has taken to Twitter to share that the very last scene in the game has now been filmed. The shot of the script does contain a spoiler, which is a bit of a bummer. Now we know how the game ends -- a cut to black. Curse you, Druckmann!

In all seriousness, while this will surely have been an emotional scene to shoot, it doesn't necessarily mean that filming is now complete. Films and games are rarely shot in sequence, so Naughty Dog could still be in the middle of filming for all we know. Let's hope we learn a little more about this elusive game soon. Will it be out before the end of the year, or are we looking at a 2020 launch? Have a think in the comments below.