PSN Recommended Names

With Sony's new PlayStation Network name-changing functionality comes the potential for hilarity. Well, maybe not hilarity, but some of these names are at least mildly amusing. You see, if you go to change your PSN ID now, you can click through a bunch of recommended usernames. Naturally, we wanted to see how stupid they could get, so we wrote down the best ones that we could find.

It's a pretty simple system that puts two words together along with three numbers. One word's an adjective, and the other's a noun. As such, you can get some pretty good combinations if you're willing to sit and refresh the page thousands of times like we did for the sake of this undeniably dumb article.

Anyway, below is a list of the best ones we found. Feel free to take one for yourself.

  • balding-hades278
  • callous-cloud855
  • unkind960bunny
  • agreeable_debt368
  • deceptive_cake651
  • stupendous474car
  • regular_car942
  • malicious884soup
  • jaded_writer960
  • enormous_bee492
  • hulking050grape
  • worried003fly
  • redundant266hobby
  • unkind_football637
  • sinister120brick
  • gigantic129brick
  • sponge_almighty911
  • sickly-atreus499
  • uncanny690sandwich
  • vengeful772dinosaur
  • tearful834kratos
  • gaudy-kratos202
  • malicious998door
  • immortal525lunch
  • fearful089octopus
  • fierce290poodle
  • righteous_wax655
  • immortal322spider
  • powerful-foot801
  • handsome_unit191
  • omnipotent362yam