Destiny 2 Ps4 Exclusive Wavesplitter

All those people who bought Destiny 2: Forsaken on PlayStation 4 purely for the platform exclusive Wavesplitter exotic trace rifle have just been done a great disservice. Or at least, they would have if such people actually existed.

The aforementioned gun has shown up on Xbox and PC, where infamous tentacle-faced NPC Xur is currently selling it. His idiot alien brain clearly can't comprehend the importance of timed exclusive tat.

Anyway, Bungie says it's working on a fix, so try not to lose sleep over this unmitigated disaster.

Putting aside the snark for just a minute, we're not sure whether something like this has happened before with platform exclusive content. It may just be an in-game item, but Bungie will still have a contract in place with Sony over this stuff, so breaking it does seem a bit careless.

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