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  • Guide Days Gone - Tips and Tricks for Beginners

    Hints for surviving a deadly open world

    Days Gone features a harsh apocalyptic open world, and you’re going to need help if you hope to stay alive. In this guide, we’re going to share some tips and tricks which should prevent you from becoming Freaker food. Whether it’s managing your bike or scavenging the right resources, here’s everything...

  • Review Snooker 19 - Solid PS4 Potter Is Right on Cue

    Big break

    Snooker’s perhaps at its most exciting when Ronnie O’Sullivan is complaining about the stench of tournament venues and Mark Williams is hosting press conferences in the nude. There’s none of the side-theatre in Snooker 19, though: just good honest baize buccaneering with 128 of the world’s top professionals. While there has been...

  • News Dreams Creators Are Already Making Short Comedy Sketches

    Have a laugh with giraffes

    The bar keeps getting raised in Dreams, and it’s only been available for a few weeks. While the focus thus far has mostly been on games, it’s worth remembering that the PlayStation 4 exclusive can also be used to create short movies and animations. This particularly impressive one centres on two giraffes. It’s a...

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  • News Sony Has Just Revealed the PS5, Not Launching This Year

    Super-powered console already in the hands of devs

    Sony has just announced the PlayStation 5 – or, to be more specific, its “next-gen console”. An exclusive article published by Wired today reveals intricate secrets about what the company has been cooking – and it gives us a much better idea of what to expect. In short, it’s super-powered,...

  • News Days Gone Will Eat a Whopping Portion of Your PS4's Hard Drive

    Freakin' huge

    Days Gone is a monster in pretty much every sense of the word, with the title taking up an outstanding 67GB of hard drive space. This is the full size of the title once its day one patch has been installed, which itself is around 20GB. Considering the sheer amount of pre-rendered video that’s in the game, it’s not an enormous...

  • Guide Dreams Early Access - Dates, Times, and Everything You Need to Know

    How and when to get the early version of Dreams

    Media Molecule's Dreams has been a long time coming, and while it's technically still not done, we're now just hours away from the arrival of the Early Access release. Following on from the successful beta test, the studio is now ready to release its highly ambitious creative sandbox to a wider...

  • News PS5 Confirmed to Be Backwards Compatible with PS4 Games

    B/C, baby

    And just like that, the PS5 is confirmed to be a backwards compatible console, meaning that yes, it'll be able to play your PS4 games. The confirmation comes from an exclusive article over on Wired, where the publication got to listen to system architect (and lead designer of the PS4) Mark Cerny talk about the next-gen console. "Because...

  • News That God of War One Year Anniversary PS4 Theme Is Hiding a Secret Message

    But does it mean anything?

    A few days ago, Sony and Santa Monica Studio celebrated the first anniversary of God of War with a couple of free goodies, such as the above PlayStation 4 theme. It's a nice gesture in itself that fans will certainly appreciate, but little did we know that there's more to it than you might first think. Ever vigilant

  • News Is Capcom Teasing a Resident Evil 3 Remake?

    A new Nemesis

    Resident Evil 2 is one of the best games of the year, and it’s left fans of the franchise begging publisher Capcom for a remake of the third game in the series. Of course, there’s no definitive proof of that just yet – but a seemingly innocuous tweet from the horror franchise’s official Twitter account has certainly set the...

  • News PS5's Price Will Be 'Appealing to Gamers', Says Cerny

    But what does that mean?

    There’s no question that the PlayStation 5 sounds incredible, but considering its impressive roster of features, it also sounds pretty pricey. As you probably already know, SSD drives don’t exactly come cheap – and nor does

  • News Dreams Early Access Is Rolling Out Right Now on PS4

    Snag your copy before it's too late

    It's finally here, everyone -- Dreams Early Access launches today on PlayStation 4, and it's beginning to show up on the PlayStation Store across Europe. If you need a link, click here to go to the game's page. It might not be live where you are just yet, but it should be available to purchase any minute now...

  • News Don't Worry, PS5 Will Have a Disc Drive

    Physical media still part of the system

    We now know that the PlayStation 5 will be backwards compatible with PS4 games, thanks to this exclusive report from Wired, but what about physical copies specifically? Will PS5 be able to read discs? Good news: it'll support physical media as well as digital. "For example, the next-gen console will still...

  • News PS5 Specs Expand to Ray Tracing, Bringing Hollywood Effects to the Home

    New territory for consoles

    We’ve published a lot of information on the PlayStation 5 today, but you may be wondering about the console’s hardware specifications. Well, according to a new Wired article, the system’s built upon an AMD chip as expected. “The CPU is based on the third generation of AMD’s Ryzen line and contains eight cores of...

  • Review My Time At Portia - A Delightful Post-Apocalyptic Life Sim

    Workshop till you drop

    My Time At Portia is a charming life simulation game, revolving around your new life running a workshop in the post-apocalyptic town of Portia. Unlike most such settings, Portia is brimming with vibrant colours and cheerful residents. However, the town still bears the scars of the apocalyptic event which ravished the world...

  • News US PlayStation Store Discounts God of War Series in Anniversary Sale

    Boy, those are some good prices

    As has now been well documented, the excellent PlayStation 4 exclusive God of War is now a year old, and Sony is celebrating with videos, freebies, and more. As part of these festivities, the entire series is now going cheap over on the North American PS Store, including the latest and greatest. The Norse adventur

  • Round Up Everything We Know About PS5 So Far

    All of the next-gen headlines

    Sony took the entire industry by surprise today, effectively announcing the PlayStation 5 as part of a Wired exclusive on an otherwise ordinary Tuesday afternoon. The super-charged console, which is promising revolution rather than evolution, has been built using the same blueprints as the PlayStation 4 – meaning that...

  • News PS5 Will Support 8K Graphics

    Future proofed

    8K televisions certainly aren't mainstream just yet -- some would argue that even 4K displays aren't quite mainstream yet -- but it's been confirmed that the PS5 will support 8K graphics. In Wired's PS5 info blowout article, it's stated that Sony's next-gen device will be able handle 8K resolution, but right now, it's obviously...

  • News PS5 Will Use a Specialised Solid-State Drive to Dramatically Reduce Load Times and Improve Performance in Games

    Game changer

    One key detail regarding the PS5 shared today, Sony's next-gen console will feature a "specialised" SSD, or solid-state drive. SSDs are fairly common in laptops and PCs these days, allowing for faster operating speeds when compared to regular hard drives. You may have heard people say that installing an SSD in your PS4 speeds up load...

  • News Assassin's Creed Odyssey Goes Off the Deep End With Stunning Fate of Atlantis DLC Trailer

    You want to be a god?

    Wow, Assassin's Creed Odyssey appears to be pulling out all the stops with its second and final DLC saga, The Fate of Atlantis. Much like Assassin's Creed Origins' brilliant Curse of the Pharaohs expansion, this looks to be another fantastical adventure where the developers have been allowed to let their creativity run wild...

  • News Sounds Like Death Stranding Could Release on Both PS4 and PS5

    Cross-gen Kojima

    There's a lot of information to soak in from this PlayStation 5 article from Wired, but something tucked away near the end has grabbed our attention. Whether Hideo Kojima's Death Stranding will appear on PS5 as well as PS4 has been up for debate for a while now, and although nothing has been confirmed, the report seems to imply the...

  • News Mark Cerny Says the PS5's Specialised Solid-State Drive Is the 'Key' to Next-Gen

    Developers asked Sony for it

    The PS5 will make use of a "specialised" SSD, or solid-state drive, allowing for crazy fast load times and unprecedented console game performance. Said SSD is "key" to the next-gen console, according to Mark Cerny, the brain behind the PS4, and now, the upcoming PS5. Cerny describes the introduction of an SSD as "a true...

  • News PS5 Will Innovate How Game Audio Is Processed

    Has a custom unit for 3D sound

    One of the things that frustrated system architect Mark Cerny during the transition from the PlayStation 3 to the PlayStation 4 is how audio didn’t really change. It’s one of the things he’s trying to rectify with the PlayStation 5, and Sony’s new console will come with a custom chip designed specifically to...

  • News Sony's Censorship Guidelines Tackle Sexually Explicit Depictions of Underage Characters

    Company concerned about global reputation

    As has been obvious for some time, Sony is cracking down on sexually explicit material as it pertains to questionably aged characters. While the specifics of its regulations remain underwraps, a Wall Street Journal report on the recently introduced policy reveals that the Japanese company has become...

  • News Sony Wants to Give Devs Time to Adjust to PS5's Capabilities

    Studios already have devkits

    Sony surprisingly announced the official existence of the PlayStation 5 today, outlining various details about the next-gen console. And tucked away in Wired’s article is confirmation that developers already have access to the device – and that the company is ramping up the deployment of devkits in order to ensure...

  • News PS5 Will Be Compatible with PSVR, Says Mark Cerny

    Sony says VR is "very important"

    In the huge information blowout regarding PlayStation 5 today, lead system architect Mark Cerny has affirmed Sony's stance on PSVR, and how it'll come into play when next gen arrives. Essentially, the current PlayStation VR unit will work with PS5. Although Cerny isn't willing to give up any details about the future...

  • News Sony on Google Stadia: We're Cloud Gaming Pioneers

    "Our vision should become clear"

    Sony’s next-generation console will not forego the staples that we’ve come to expect from a PlayStation platform. It will still feature a disc drive, and you will be able to play games using physical media – it’s as traditional as hardware comes in those respects, then. That doesn’t mean that the Japanese...

  • News Sony Has Been Building PS5 for Four Years Already

    Much more than a "mere upgrade"

    Sony has been working on the PlayStation 5 for the past four years, meaning that work got underway at some point in 2015 – little over a year after the PlayStation 4 launched. According to a new Wired article, the system is not being built as a “mere upgrade” like, say, the PS4 Pro before it. Instead, the...

  • News God of War Gets Its Very Own Card Game, Launches Later This Year

    Card of War

    God of War is a year old this month, and it seems Sony isn't stopping at just free themes and avatars. Board game developer CMON has announced that it's hard at work on a card game based on Kratos' Norse adventure, imaginatively named God of War: The Card Game. "In God of War: The Card Game,

  • Review Heaven's Vault - Impressive Linguistics Can't Combat Mediocrity

    Speech level 100

    One of the finest things about the independent scene is that it gives more unique ideas, mechanics, and features the opportunity to thrive. Heaven’s Vault, from developer inkle Studios, takes advantage of that freedom with an experience that turns back the clocks and places the emphasis on language and archaeology. It’s a far...

  • News Borderlands 3 Gameplay Reveal Dated for 1st May

    Put a bullet in your calendar

    Gearbox is promising a big Borderlands 3 gameplay stream early next month, on the 1st May. You'll be able to watch the stream on the official Borderlands Twitch channel, but we'll be sure to embed it here on Push Square too. Apparently, there'll be a 30-minute pre-show before the gameplay reveal, so we could be getting...

  • News Sony Not Yet Ready to Talk About PS5 Price, Games, or Services

    Just the specs for now

    In case you haven't heard, the PS5 has been revealed. Well, in text form, at least. Wired has published an exclusive article all about Sony's next-gen machine. It includes a load of technical specifications and other drool-inducing details. In short, the PS5 sounds like a monster of a console. But what about the other...

  • News PS Move Poised to Persist into PS5 Generation


    If you went back to 2010 and told us that the PlayStation Move would not only be relevant ten years later but actually sought after, we’d have spat in your Vanilla Coca-Cola. Sony’s illuminating wands were seen as the losers of the motion control war, beaten out by the vastly more popular Nintendo Wii and Xbox Kinect. But while those...

  • News Capcom Home Arcade Is a Plug and Play Arcade Stick with 16 Built-In Games

    Out later this year

    As teased yesterday, Capcom has announced its very own plug and play machine to compete with the likes of the PlayStation Classic. Called the Capcom Home Arcade, it features two sets of classic arcade controls in one rather large unit, and comes pre-installed with 16 of the publisher's coin-op classi

  • News Gamescom, the 'E3 of Europe', Is Getting Its Own Live Announcement Show This Year

    Teases reveals from 'major publishers'

    Gamescom, Europe's biggest annual gaming convention, is returning later this year as expected. However, what we didn't see coming is that it'll have its own announcement show to open the event. Titled Gamescom: Opening Night Live, the show will be streamed, and it'll be hosted by the man himself, Geoff...

  • News Trials Rising's First Expansion Pack, Sixty Six, Is Out Now on PS4

    24 new tracks, skill games, and outfits

    Believe it or not, there is other news to sink your teeth into today besides the big PlayStation 5 announcement. One example is the launch of Trials Rising's first piece of post-launch DLC, titled Sixty Six, and it's available to download for season pass owners on PS4 right now. The expansion pack celebrates...

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