What’s the March 2019 PlayStation Plus lineup? And when will the March 2019 PS Plus lineup be revealed? We’ve entered a brave new world for PS+, as both the PlayStation 3 and PS Vita have now been removed from the service. Aside from an increase in PlayStation 4 cloud storage space, we still don’t really know whether the Japanese giant intends to compensate for the absent software, meaning… Well, this could very well be a two game update. Let’s get into all the rumours and speculation surrounding Mar 2019’s update.

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When will March 2019’s free PS Plus games be announced?

March 2019's free PlayStation Plus games will be announced on Wednesday, 27th February – assuming that Sony follows its usual schedule, and all goes to plan.

When will March 2019’s free PlayStation Plus games be available to download?

You'll be able to download March 2019's free PS Plus games from Tuesday, 5th March.

What are March 2019’s free PS Plus games?

Assuming that Sony is not going to replace the PS3 and PS Vita games that padded out the monthly PlayStation Plus lineup, then there’s going to be even greater expectation attached to the two PS4 titles it gives away. Fortunately, the lineup in this department has been relatively strong for over a year now, with last month’s offering of For Honor and Hitman well received. Personally, we’d like to see the platform holder extend the scope of the service, perhaps throwing in an additional PSVR title per month in order to make up for the removal of its legacy systems. How would you like to see the service evolve this year?

What free March 2019 PlayStation Plus games do you want?

And now it’s your turn to tell us what games you’d like as part of March 2019’s PS Plus lineup. We’d also like to hear how you’d like the service to evolve over the coming year: do you want PSVR games to be tossed in? Would you like to receive more PS4 titles? Do you think Sony should stick with just two games, but generally try to select bigger and better releases? We want to know.

What free March 2019 PS Plus games are you hoping for? Is there anything in particular that you've got your fingers crossed for? How would you like to see PlayStation Plus evolve this year? Think it through in the comments section below.