Earlier in the week, you may recall the announcement that EA partnered with sci-fi director Neill Blomkamp to produce what it called a short film based on the upcoming BioWare shooter, ANTHEM. Well, as promised, it premiered earlier today, but anyone expecting anything more than a trailer will probably be disappointed.

However, the three-minute video is extremely well produced. The dialogue is chock full of the usual sci-fi jargon, but everything else looks like a high budget movie. It's pretty impressive to see the game's Javelins so well realised. It might be short, but Conviction is a well put together live action trailer. We dread to think how much EA forked out for it.

What do you think of this flashy live action trailer for ANTHEM? Are you excited for launch on 22nd February? Hop into your Javelin in the comments below.

[via youtube.com]