This author might not have gotten into the beta himself, but Media Molecule's weekly Dreams live streams have provided a decent look at some of the top creations being made by participants. The most recent stream suffered some technical hiccups, but it still played host to lots of crazy levels and characters the community has created.

We were pretty impressed with a few of these, such as Wildfire -- a brilliant example of a 2D action game working well in Dreams. The anti-gravity hover craft prototype also looked very good, and we liked the look of Confetti Cats too. It's a thinly veiled Lemmings clone, but Lemmings is great, so we'll give them a pass.

There's way more to see in the stream, including a full EP called Soy Boy, a turn-based adventure game about insects, and even more oddities. We're loving seeing all these weird and wonderful creations, but what do you think? Let us know in the comments below.