There's nothing quite like the Hitman games. Developer IO Interactive has refined the gameplay loop to a tee, its brilliantly open ended murder sandboxes rife with potential. The first PlayStation 4 entry is available now on PS Plus, but before then, the studio was offering up bits of it for free in a bid to get more people involved. Now, it looks to be doing the same with Hitman 2.

Hitman 2 Starter Pack is available to download free of charge from the PlayStation Store, and it includes the first mission in the game. The level, named Nightcall, sees Agent 47 jetting off to New Zealand in search of the Shadow Client. The freebie includes the main mission, which itself contains over 40 challenges to tackle and unlocks to earn. If you're on the fence about the game, it's a perfect opportunity to give it a try.

Will you be giving Hitman 2 a shot with the free Starter Pack on PS4? Hide in plain sight in the comments below.