Hitman 2 PS4 PlayStation 4 Weekend Sale PS Store Europe

In what seems like a new trend for the European PS Store, a weekend sale is on once again. As with last week, we have a fresh batch of discounts that will only be active for a couple of days, which we'll go through here.

There aren't too many titles to tempt you this time, but as always, there are one or two decent deals to consider. Kingdom Come: Deliverance is more than half off at £19.99, as are Persona 5 and Vampyr, while the recently released Hitman 2 is going for £29.99. Call of Cthulhu and ARK: Survival Evolved, along with all its DLC, are also going cheap.

Here's the link to the Store page for the offer. Anything tickle your fancy in this new weekend sale? Shop 'til you drop in the comments below.

[via store.playstation.com]