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Name: Nick Valentine
Age: Still functional
Location: Diamond City
Likes: Solving cases, chatting to vault dwellers, and wasteland strolls
Dislikes: Holding all of your junk, getting completely lost when you dismiss me, and deathclaws (obviously)

"Let's face it, kid: I've got the name and I've got the looks – you'd be crazy to pass up this case. Take me to a settlement or let me get stuck behind a locked door – we'll solve the mysteries of your heart together."


Name: Chloe Price
Age: 19
Location: Arcadia Bay
Likes: Rachel Amber (MISS YOU, BAE!!!), blue hair dye, getting inked, Max's time travelling thang
Dislikes: Step-douche, Nathan Prescott the f*cking pr*ck, car crashes, Max's time travelling thang

"Are you cereal right now? This site is, like, hella phony and I'm totally too UntitledUntitledUntitled for the try-hard tools that use it. Message me and I'll stick your vaping rig so far up your rectum that you'll be sh*tting sherbet lemon, 'kay?"


Name: Victor 'Goddamn' Sullivan
Age: 38 (ish)
Location: Looking after Nate
Likes: Sucking back on a Cuban cigar, treasure, and Havana shirts
Dislikes: "Surefire" plans, being called 'old man', and those Ghost Rider goons

"Rugged ex-Navy hero seeks saucy young señorita for globe-trotting good times. Strong as an ox but way better looking, where I'm involved, X always marks the spot."


Name: Triss Merigold
Age: How rude of you to ask!
Location: Novigrad
Likes: Playing with fire, revolution, and having an American accent in a world full of Brits
Dislikes: Mage hunters, potion allergies, and a certain sorceress who smells of lilac and gooseberries

"I'm a fun loving woman who likes to dress up and infiltrate posh parties. I go for grizzled men, preferably ones who slay monsters, have white hair, carry two swords on their back, gargle with gravel, and are called Geralt."


Name: Iron Bull
Age: Whatever you want it to be
Location: Your bedchamber
Likes: Dragons, big weapons, revealing armour, fighting, humans, elves, dwarves, qunari
Dislikes: The past, weapons that aren't as big as the bull, peace and quiet, boredom

"Would you like to ride the bull? This bull's experienced in all walks of life, and the bull's not picky. You don't know fun until you've met the bull; let's get hammered and hit things with blunt objects."


Name: Jill Valentine
Age: 41
Location: Formerly a resident of Raccoon City
Likes: Door locks, mixed herbs, and Chris Redfield's big burly biceps ^_^
Dislikes: Creepy mansions, diseased dogs (ew!), and running out of typewriter ink

"No, your eyes aren't deceiving you – you really are seeing S.T.A.R.S. I'm an American action girl looking for love. Contact me, and prove that you're the master of unlocking my heart."


Name: Crash Bandicoot
Age: I'm a '90s 'coot – do the math
Location: N. Sanity Island
Likes: Smashing crates, Wumpa Fruit pancakes, that "OODIBIGAH!!!" dude, Shawn Layden's tees, Naughty Dog
Dislikes: Tribal tattoos, Bobby Kotick, puns, Dr. Neo Cortex, any dev not named Naughty Dog

"I'm spinning around, move out of my way. No, seriously… I'm spinning around, MOVE OUT OF MY WAY! (Don't tell Tawna you saw me.)"


Name: Michael De Santa
Age: A rough-looking 30
Location: Los Santos
Likes: Beach walks, Los Santos Rock Radio, long drives, automatic weapons
Dislikes: My immediate family, yoga, blood-stained suits, old friends, ragdoll physics

"I've been hurt before, so I'm not looking for anything serious. I just want to get to know someone friendly, who enjoys a few drinks, and can stomach the odd car crash. Not sure if I can stay out late, though – the wife won't be happy."


Name: Kat – I forget the rest
Age: ?
Location: Auldnoir, Hekseville
Likes: I love my cat Dusty, Sir Isaac Newton (total ledge), and playing golf
Dislikes: People perving on me in the shower and those nasty Nevi creeps

"I'm contrary like a kitten, but purr-fect all the same. Get to know this blonde bombshell, and I'll turn your world upside down. No time wasters, please."


Name: Sir Galahad – but you can call me Grayson
Age: 879
Location: London, England
Likes: Evenings around the Round Table, a nice crisp pint, and Nikola Tesla's latest inventions
Dislikes: Werewolves – I can't stand bloody werewolves

"You'll find centuries of experience behind my Blackwater-preserved good looks. This perfect English gent is looking for someone to share a stage coach with; I'll even let you ruffle my moustache if you ask. ; )~"


Name: King
Age: 30
Location: Mexico
Likes: Happy children, stretching, stupidly powerful throw combos, and warm milk
Dislikes: Sad children, heavy petting, baths, and dead mentors

"Puuurrrrrrrrrrrr. Rahr rrrrr rawr! Rauurrrgh! Rrrrrrr, raurugh rawr ruragh, raruugh rawrrrrr augh. Rawrrru rrruuagh, rawraugh, rrrrrr rragh. Raaarugh! Meeeeeeeoooow."


Name: Sackboy
Age: Undisclosed
Location: The nearest checkpoint
Likes: Jumping, building, hearts, prize bubbles, portable menu screens, dressing up
Dislikes: Electricity, toxic gasses, lava, constant reincarnation

"I'm cute, cuddly, and have a very expressive face. If you're looking for adventure, I can show you things that you wouldn't believe – especially if you don't mind low rated, user-created levels."


Name: Squall Leonhart
Age: 17
Location: Don't care
Likes: Whatever...
Dislikes: This is a waste of time...

"My friends signed me up for this. Don't bother trying to contact me."


Name: Big-boned Princess
Age: A lady never tells
Likes: Birthday cake, carrot cake, cheesecake, chocolate cake, coffee cake… Jaffa Cakes, lemon cake, Madeira cake, marble cake…
Dislikes: That ruffian Cole MacGrath, being carried to the opposite castle, a day without cake :' (

"I would marry cake if I could, but his highness said that I must find a suitor. I said, 'M'lord, one will never find another as loyal, loving, and royal as a slice of Red Velvet.' The king looked at me like I was a fruitcake. I love fruitcake."

Words: Robert Ramsey, Sammy Barker / Credits: Icons / © 2019 Push My Square