Shadow Warrior 2 Humble Bundle PS4 PlayStation 4

Humble Bundle has been around a while now, and it's dipped its toes into console waters a few times before. It's now back with a bunch of PS4 indie games for you to purchase -- if you have a North American PSN account, that is. The best part is that some of the proceeds will go to charity, so you can feel good about adding to your backlog for a change.

If you're not familiar with how Humble Bundle works, various games in a group are separated into tiers. Which games you get depends on how much you spend. In this case, a dollar will get you three games, while spending $15 or more will get you the whole package. These include:

Go to the Humble Bundle website to see how it all works. This particular offer closes on 12th February, so there's just under two weeks to get your games and raise some money for a good cause. Will you be grabbing some of these games from Humble Bundle? Cough up in the comments below.

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