Real time strategy games and consoles have a checkered history. A genre usually designed to be played with a keyboard and mouse, few games have genuinely made a successful leap to a console and controller setup. Of course, it isn't impossible, and Paradox Interactive is bringing its ambitious space-faring title Stellaris to PS4 on 26th February 2019.

The studio has labeled the game as grand strategy, giving you a huge amount of choice and top level decisions to make in your quest for supremacy: "For those new to the genre, Grand Strategy Games put players in control of an empire over hundreds of in-game years, and allow them control over a large array of interconnected systems: military, economic, political, diplomatic, technological, and many more." You play as a race capable of traveling at light speed, beginning the game as you set out to explore the cosmos. How you tackle the game is largely up to you; do you want to form alliances with other powers, or conquer every world you come across?

The above trailer offers a decent explanation of the gameplay you can expect in Stellaris. Grand strategy seems to be an apt descriptor -- let's hope it'll all work nicely on PS4. Are you excited about Stellaris coming to Sony's console? Live long and prosper in the comments below.