We hope you're not tired of 80s influences and synthwave music, because Hyper Jam certainly isn't. Just announced for PS4 via the PlayStation Blog, it's an intense arena brawler with online and offline multiplayer. Check it out in the above trailer.

The objective appears to simply be to defeat your opponents in short matches using various abilities and weapons. A temporary shield can parry projectiles, and perks stack after each round, meaning you can create some unique combinations of attacks and other effects to thwart your rivals.

It's probably not going to win many awards for originality, but it certainly looks entertaining. We're always keen for more small multiplayer titles on PS4, and Hyper Jam could provide a good laugh. It's out on 12th February, so there's not long before we can try it out for ourselves. What do you think? Frag the comments section with your thoughts.

[via youtube.com, blog.eu.playstation.com]