Happy New Year Push Square PS4 1

No way? No way! It’s surely not 2019 already? Man, the year is going to take some time to sink in – aren’t we supposed to be driving hover cars and living in neon cities by now? Anyway, one thing that’s not up for debate is that the past year was Push Square’s best ever, and as the site approaches its tenth anniversary, we’re looking forward.

Because it’s the start of a New Year, and because we have article quotas to fulfil, we figured we’d share our mission statement for the next 12 months with you. Here’s what we want to do:

More of the Same

Why change a winning formula, right? Since the site’s inception we’ve strived to be the best PlayStation website on the planet, and we like to think we’ve achieved that. So moving forwards we want to be your one-stop shop for PS4 and PSVR news, reviews, and features. We think the site has a sharp voice, and we never want to blunt that. Our goal is to emphasise the fun of gaming without selling our souls.

The Best Place to PlayStation 5

We don’t know when it’s coming, but we do know that it is coming. It’s like that scene from Jurassic Park with the rippling glass of water, except that ain’t a t-rex in the rear view mirror – it’s Sony’s next-gen console. Every site under the sun is going to be aboard the PS5 hype train, but we want to be the definitive source for the next PlayStation platform. We’re going to bust rumours and make sure you’re 100 per cent up-to-date on all matters next-gen.

Continue to Cultivate Community

We know that some games sites talk down to their readers, and that’s something we’ve never wanted to do. The way we see it, we’re fans sharing our opinion on PlayStation with likeminded fans – your comments are just as much a part of the conversation as our articles. We want to continue this level of reader engagement in 2019, and find new ways – both editorially and technologically – to keep conversations flowing. We’re all here because we love PlayStation, so community will always be at the heart of the site.

With all that said, thank you so much for your support in 2018, and let’s look forward to an exciting year together. We’re so proud of what this site has become, but we’ve got so much more to offer, and we can’t wait to take the journey with every single one of you. Happy New Year!

- The Push Square Team