With some games, you know almost immediately whether or not they're for you, and we're pretty sure FutureGrind will have this effect. It's a neon-soaked, twitchy, 2D platformer in which you must match your coloured wheels with the corresponding rails, performing tricks in between. It's a pretty straightforward gameplay concept that we appreciate, and it looks like it could be great fun if the above trailer is anything to go by.

We can take or leave the narrative stuff, but otherwise, this is looking like a fairly promising platformer/score attack type of experience. In development for four years, FutureGrind is set to feature dozens of tracks, different bikes to try, and online leaderboards to compete with friends. The game launches on 22nd January, so there's just a couple of weeks to go before we're all hopping around on futuristic bikes.

What do you think of FutureGrind? Pop a wheelie in the comments below.

[via blog.eu.playstation.com]