We haven't heard all that much about Days Gone since Game Informer's gameplay blowout, so it's about time Sony started talking about its upcoming PS4 exclusive. Not only have we been treated to a decent new trailer for the game, but Sony has gone through all the pre-order details over on the PlayStation Blog.

As usual, pre-ordering nets you some extra bits and pieces, depending on which version you're after. Putting your name down for Days Gone will get you early access to the Drifter Crossbow weapon as well as a few enhancements for your motorbike, including nitrous, gas tank, and shroud upgrades. Pre-order digitally on the PlayStation Store, and you'll also be given a dynamic theme.

Days Gone Collectors Edition PS4 PlayStation 4

What's more, there are some special editions of the game if you're super eager to take on the Freakers with Deacon. The digital deluxe edition features a digital artbook, soundtrack, three extra skins for your bike, and an additional skill unlock and dynamic theme. Meanwhile, the physical collector's edition, pictured above, includes a steelbook case, artbook, soundtrack, a patch, some pins, a few digital goodies, and an obligatory statue.

Will you be pre-ordering Days Gone? Do these incentives sweeten the deal? Ride the broken road to the comments below.

[via blog.us.playstation.com]