News - 2018, Week 41

Monday15th Oct 2018

Sunday14th Oct 2018

  • News PS4 Messages Designed to Brick Your Console Reported By Users

    Be warned

    According to multiple threads over on Reddit, there's a potentially devastating issue on PlayStation 4 right now, and it stems from simple messages. Users say that receiving certain messages can 'brick' your console, effectively breaking the system. We're not totally clued up on the technical details yet, but the bottom line is that right...

  • News Diablo III Cross-Play May Not Be Happening After All

    Blizzard issues statement

    You may have caught a recent story claiming that Blizzard is actively working on bringing cross-platform play functionality to Diablo III. The news came via a representative of the company, so it seemed pretty concrete, but as it turns out, it ain't actually the truth. Blizzard has issued a statement saying that cross-play...

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