News - 2018, Week 36

Monday10th Sep 2018

Sunday9th Sep 2018

  • News One of Spider-Man PS4's Most Heartfelt Easter Eggs Has Turned Sour

    Don't worry, no spoilers ahead

    Back in May, Twitter user @topnotch1210, real name Tyler Schultz, tweeted out to Insomniac Games in the hopes that the studio would include a small easter egg for him inside Marvel's Spider-Man that would allow him to propose to his girlfriend. After some back and forth, it was agreed that the words "Madison, will...

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    Review Punch Line

    Surprisingly not pants

    Before we started playing Punch Line we weren’t really sure what to expect. All we’d heard about the game was that if the main protagonist looks at a lady's undies twice then the world would end. Yup, the set-up sounds completely bonkers and we were fully expecting the game to be mostly fan service, with a bunch of cheap...

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