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  • News PlayStation Plus August 2018 Games Announced

    Yet another solid month

    August's PlayStation Plus lineup has been revealed, and it's yet another reasonable month. On PlayStation 4, subscribers get Mafia III and Dead by Daylight. Sony's also throwing Here They Lie into the mix, which is PlayStation VR compatible. Speaking of extras, Knowledge Is Power is your bonus PlayLink title...

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    Review Knowledge Is Power

    Limited power

    Fresh from releasing the inaugural PlayLink title That’s You in July, Wish Studios has come back with a second game for Sony’s smartphone-based lineup: Knowledge Is Power – a one to six player quiz game. While it’s more orthodox compared to the delightful oddball that was That’s You, the Brighton studio’s...

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    Review Mafia III

    An offer you might want to refuse

    1968 was a turbulent year in United States history. With both the Vietnam War in full swing, and the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. in April of that year, there was a rising tide of non-violent protest and civil disobedience, especially by African-Americans, who wanted the equality they should rightfully be...

  • News PES 2019 Adds Eight More Fully Licensed Leagues to Its Roster

    And a demo on 8th August

    Konami may have lost out to rivals EA for the rights to UEFA’s Europa League and Champions League competitions this year, but that doesn’t mean it’s closing the trophy cabinet and letting FIFA run off with the goods without a fight.  Since news broke that PES 2019 would be the first series entry in a decade not...

  • News Relaunched Official Persona Site Sparks Some Speculation

    Personal touch

    The official Japanese website for the Persona franchise, titled Persona Channel, has just been relaunched by Atlus. The site houses information on everything Persona, from the games to anime adaptations, and licensed merchandise to live events. Its relaunch could mean absolutely nothing -- we have to stress that -- but that hasn't...

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    Review Dead by Daylight

    Masochistic mechanisms

    The last few years have seen numerous attempts at the asymmetrical multiplayer experience, but none have exactly hit the mark to such a degree as say, the infamous Team Deathmatch format. The most memorable of these attempts is Evolve, which saw an alright reception, progressively dwindling player numbers, and a confusing...

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    Review Here They Lie

    And here they’ll stay

    When Sony set out to launch its own virtual reality headset, one of the most important things that it had to do is make sure that it had lots of games released alongside it. Through the years, the games industry has seen many a peripheral fail miserably due to a lack of support. To combat this, an impressively large launch...

  • News Get Ready for More Arch Tempered Elder Dragons in Monster Hunter: World

    God help us

    Just the mere mention of Arch Tempered Elder Dragons is enough to make our blood run cold. This month and next, two new event quests will be added to Monster Hunter: World. We've already had event hunts for Arch Tempered Kirin and Arch Tempered Vaal Hazak, so naturally, it's now time for Arch Tempered Kushala Daora and Arch Tempered...

  • News Chasm's Out Now on PS4 and PS Vita, But It Took Six Years

    Good things come to those who wait

    Bit Kid’s super neat randomly generated Metroidvania Chasm is out now on both the PlayStation 4 and the PS Vita, but it’s a miracle that it exists at all. The more we read about the trials and tribulations of game development, the more we ponder how any titles cross the finish line at all – and this is...

  • News DJ's New Music Video Shot Entirely Within Grand Theft Auto V

    Beats on the streets

    Bosnian DJ Solomun has released a new track called Customer is King, and we quite like it -- but we're not here just to shill for some hot beats. No, we're writing this story because the music video for Solomun's new groove was made entirely within Grand Theft Auto V in collaboration with developer Rockstar. It's pretty...

  • Japanese Sales Charts Mega Man X Dashes into Number 1 on PS4

    Mega, man

    The Nintendo domination of the last few weeks has finally come to an end, as Mega Man X Legacy Collection has blasted its way straight to number one on PlayStation 4. Capcom's bundle of blue sold 29,000 copies on Sony's system, which, in fairness, isn't a huge amount, but given decidedly low numbers elsewhere, it was still enough to...

  • News Middle-earth: Shadow of War Definitive Edition Bundles All DLC This Month on PS4

    Shadow of more

    Warner Bros. will be publishing Middle-earth: Shadow of War Definitive Edition later this month for PlayStation 4. As you'd expect, the always-inevitable bundle will contain the base game and all of its downloadable content, including the orc tribe expansions and two story expansions. It's also worth noting that a little while...

  • News Uppers, A Game Not About Drugs, Rated for PS4

    PS Vita brawler coming to console?

    Uppers may be more commonly known as a type of drug, but the word also refers to a part of the shoe – like, the bit which one may shove in someone else’s face if they take a particular disliking them. It’s also the title of a long-forgotten Japanese brawler for the PS Vita, which launched in 2016 and looks...

  • News F1 2018 Makes Headlines with Brand New PS4 Gameplay Trailer

    Have you Senna it yet?

    The real-world Formula One season may be well underway, but F1 2018 isn’t far away now. Codemasters has crashed a new gameplay trailer online, which showcases the wealth of improvements you can expect to find in the racer come launch later in the month. The likeable career mode from F1 2017 looks like it’s got the lion’s...

  • News World of Horror Proves PS4 Has a Lovecraft Obsession

    Cosmic tingles

    Call of Cthulhu! The Sinking City! It’s gone Lovecraft crazy on the PlayStation 4 of late, and here’s another title to toss into the cosmic broth: World of Horror. Now don’t judge a book by its Eldritch cover: this does indeed look like it’s been built for the BBC Micro, but it promises a “retro” role-playing experience...

  • News PlayStation China Press Conference Could Be Worth Keeping an Eye On

    The event's tomorrow

    Sony is holding a PlayStation press conference in Shanghai, China tomorrow. Given that the event will obviously focus on the booming Chinese market, we wouldn't go expecting any big announcements from our perspective here in the West, but some interesting bits and pieces could still be heading our way. For one, PlayStation's...

  • News Zen Studios Bundling FPS, Pinball, More on PSVR

    Quite the collection

    One thing that’s become common on the PlayStation Store over the past few years are custom bundles, and Zen Studios is readying one of its own, stuffed with four of its PlayStation VR games. Fronting the bundle is Out of Ammo, the suspect first-person shooter which we didn’t think too highly of in our review. Fortunately,...

  • Indie Bin Pixel Ripped 1989, 18 Floors, The Walker

    Also: Nah, that's it this time

    From the embers of the Push Square Podcast rises Indie Bin – a feature that draws attention to some of the smaller games in PlayStation's busy release schedule. Once the Indie Bin is full, we'll put it out for collection in these consolidated articles featuring several pint-sized reviews. The...

  • News Sink Your Teeth into The Sinking City's Disturbing Debut Trailer

    Don't be an octopussy

    Frogwares’ open world Lovecraftian love-in The Sinking City has surfaced with a disturbing debut gameplay trailer – but it may not be for the faint hearted. The game takes place in the fictional city of Oakmont in Massachusetts, and you’ll play as a detective who’s gradually going insane. It’s basically the same...

  • News Valkyria Chronicles 4 Opening Scene Shows Off English Dub

    Talking war

    SEGA's posted the prologue to Valkyria Chronicles 4 online, and besides looking quite lovely, it provides a good look at the game's English dub. The release will feature both Japanese and English voice tracks when it launches in September, but it sounds like SEGA's put a lot of effort into ensuring that the latter is up to scratch...

  • News Rough and Ready Newcomer Diego Joins Dead or Alive 6

    Street fighter

    Wow, Miguel from Tekken has joined Dead or Alive 6 as a guest character!? Oh no wait, it's just Diego, another rough and ready street brawler of hispanic origin who also happens to have a penchant for red leather. Cynical snark aside, Diego looks like a decent addition to Dead or Alive's roster, designer facial scars and all...

  • News Donut County, A Game Where You Play as a Hole, Launches This Month on PS4

    Holey moly

    Donut County, a game that's just about as mental as its name might suggest, will burrow its way onto PlayStation 4 later this month. In it, you play as a literal hole in the ground, and your job is to swallow up charming scenery all to the beat of a quirky sounding story. If you're still not sure quite what we're on about, give the...

  • News Speed Runner RAZED Will Raise Eye Brows in October on PS4

    Raise you a runner

    Seizure-inducing speed runner RAZED will leg it to the PlayStation 4 on 15th October, publisher PQube has announced. The intense indie game was conceived as part of an EDGE magazine competition, and sees you darting across vibrant landscapes, dodging objects and shaving seconds off your best possible time. There’ll be 60...

  • Feature Best PS4 Music of July 2018

    Down and Dirge-y

    June was a rather crowded month when it came to noteworthy soundtracks, which sees July come off as comparatively sparse. A bit of a low-key month before all the big guns come out swinging with their amazing soundtracks. Despite this, we were able to scrounge a couple worthwhile scores anyways, so let’s hop in. Shining...

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