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  • Feature 10 First-Party Multiplayer Franchises Sony Should Bring Back

    Player two

    Sony has been knocking it out of the park in the single-player department for almost a decade now, but Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida lamented the company’s lack of multiplayer hits in a recent interview. While this sector is dominated by third-party favourites like Fortnite and Call of Duty on the PlayStation 4, the...

  • News Bounties Arrive in Destiny 2 Next Week, Promising Better Rewards

    Everything has a price

    Update 1.2.3 is the next reasonably big step forward for Destiny 2, and it's set to drop on Tuesday the 17th July. The patch will add bounties to the game -- a system that longtime players may remember from the original Destiny. Essentially bite-sized objectives, you'll be able to pick bounties up from vendors, although...

  • Guide Best PS4 Headphones and Headsets

    Sound off

    What are the best PS4 headphones and headsets? If you’re an online player, then you’re going to need some kind of communicator to keep in constant contact with your teammates. But even if you play single player, a good pair of headphones can be essential for your PlayStation 4, as playing late at night or when others are in the house...

  • Poll What PS4 Game Are You Most Excited for in the Latter Half of 2018?

    Round 2

    Hey you, did you know that the latter half of 2018 is bloody ridiculous for new game releases? Well if you didn't you do now, and if you think that we're joking, be sure to check out or list of upcoming PlayStation 4 titles. It's going to be mental. With that intro out of the way, we're here on this sunny Friday afternoon to ask you what...

  • News Revisit Shenmue's Famous Dobuita Street in the Flesh

    Through the power of YouTube

    Dobuita Street is perhaps the most memorable location from the original Shenmue game. Home to Tom’s hot-dog stand, Nozomi’s flower shop, and… Like, a car park, it’s the central shopping district in the first instalment. It’s also a real-life place with real-life inspirations, as explained in this excellent...

  • News Mega Penguin Is the Latest Insanity from Dreams on PS4

    Media Molecule's E3 2018 game jam delivers

    Dreams had a strange presence at E3 2018. Aside from small animations dotted throughout Sony's showcase and a smattering of interviews, Media Molecule's biggest showing for its ambitious creation game was a live 15-minute music concert. However,...

  • News Doom Eternal Gameplay to Be Live Streamed from QuakeCon Next Month

    Hell on Earth

    Doom Eternal, a direct sequel to 2016's well received reboot, got a brilliant trailer for its announcement at Bethesda's E3 2018 conference, but not much else. The publisher stated that the game would be shown off at QuakeCon 2018, but it won't just be for those in attendance. The news was recently shared via the official Doom Twitter...

  • Indie Bin Runbow, Bomber Crew, Slime-San: Superslime Edition

    Also: Ice Cream Surfer, Tour de France 2018, Holy Potatoes! A Weapon Shop?!

    From the embers of the Push Square Podcast rises Indie Bin – a feature that draws attention to some of the smaller games in PlayStation's busy release schedule. Once the Indie Bin is full, we'll put it out for collection in these consolidated articles...

  • News Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Beta Comes to PS4 First in Early August

    Target marked

    The Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 multiplayer beta's got a confirmed date on PlayStation 4. As you'd expect, the beta is heading to Sony's system before it arrives on other platforms (as per Activision's partnership deal with the Japanese giant), and it's all kicking off early next month. Starting on the 3rd August, those who have...

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  • News Nathan Drake's Regenerative Health Was Actually His 'Luck Running Out'

    Action man

    When Uncharted: Drake's Fortune released all the way back in 2007, regenerating health was the latest game design trope that was being bandied around. Every one of Nathan Drake's adventures has used this health system, but this little tidbit from Naughty Dog animator Jonathan Cooper suggests that it wasn't really a health system at all...

  • Rumour Second Tekken 7 DLC Season Pass Leaked

    Return of the king

    Over the last couple of months or so, during various Tekken 7 tournaments, series director Katsuhiro Harada and designer Michael Murray have been teasing the game's future. Naturally, these public appearances have sparked a lot of speculation, with many fans predicting that Tekken 7 is probably getting a second wave of...

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    Review Shining Resonance Refrain

    Shine on

    SEGA's classic Shining series is back, and it's definitely not what old school fans may remember. Shining Resonance Refrain is an enhanced remaster of Shining Resonance -- a PlayStation 3 title that launched only in Japan almost four years ago. It arrives on Western shores with a full (and optional) English dub, as well as a fresh way...

  • News Darksiders III Release Date Confirmed, $400 Collector's Edition Revealed

    Fatal Fury

    Hey, how much do you like Darksiders? Enough to spend $399.99 on a special edition, mayhaps? You’ll get the chance from 27th November, as THQ Nordic has confirmed threequel Darksiders III’s rumoured release date as part of an IGN First story. Just a little more chaos to add to the Christmas apocalypse won’t hurt, w

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    Review The Spectrum Retreat

    Enjoy your stay

    Here's one for you: two years ago, 20-year-old game designer Dan Smith won a BAFTA in the Young Game Designers category for his prototype of what would become The Spectrum Retreat. What's more, publisher Ripstone has stepped in to help turn the game into a fully fledged commercial product. It's quite an achievement for the up and...

  • Store Update 9th July 2018 (Europe)

    Summer dreamin'

    This is one of those weeks where there are tons and tons of games coming out that will appeal to all different kinds of people. There’s Shining Resonance Refrain, Bomber Crew, Danger Zone 2, and many more vying for your attention. What’s taking your fancy? PS4 Games: Shining Resonance Refrain 10 July MLB The Show 18 All Star...

  • News Horror Visual Novel Death Mark Coming to PS4, PS Vita

    You're already dead

    It’s still not dead yet: Aksys Games has announced that Experience’s horror visual novel Death Mark will deploy on the PlayStation 4 and, incredibly, the PS Vita in the West at some point in the future. The niche publisher’s yet to detail a specific release window, but the title first launched a year ago in Japan on...

  • UK Sales Charts Crash Bandicoot Fends Off Jurassic World Evolution for Number One Spot

    Well, there it is

    Jurassic World Evolution released at retail last week, but even the promise of your very own dinosaur empire wasn't quite enough to topple Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy. Activision's revitalised platformer is once again at the top of the pile, with the dino park management sim debuting in second place. Elsewhere, The Crew 2...

  • News Shawn Layden Shares the Highs and Lows of a 30 Year PlayStation Career

    Ups and downs

    Shawn Layden may be the “suit” you see on stage at E3, but the executive has a 30 year history with PlayStation, spanning multiple roles across various different continents. The current Worldwide Studios chairman previously spent time as the head of SIEJ, and also worked in London for a while as well. It means that the...

  • News Chasm Brings Pixelated Old-School Action to PS4 and Vita This Month

    Release date announced

    We finally have a release date for Chasm, a pixel-art action adventure coming to PS4 and PS Vita. The wait is almost over, as it's launching on both platforms on 31st July 2018. For those not in the know, Chasm is a metroidvania style title featuring old-school challenge, RPG elements,...

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    Review Next Up Hero

    Holding out for a hero

    Death in video games is so frequent that it has virtually lost all meaning. Any slip up is instantly forgiven, and the player is often respawned perfectly alive and well almost instantly. Next Up Hero twists this dynamic on its head, turning game death into a playable mechanic. Next Up Hero is an isometric dungeon crawler...

  • News Battle Chef Brigade Will Cook Up a Storm on PS4

    Trophies make their way online

    It's always a pleasant surprise when you go to make a daily check on Exophase and end up uncovering a new Trophy list for a game that hasn't even been announced for the PlayStation 4 yet. Battle Chef Brigade, a game that made its way to Nintendo Switch and PC in late 2017, is described as a game that blends...

  • News You Can Customise ANTHEM's Damage Floaties to Your Tastes

    Music to our ears

    Is this the official term now? Damage floaties? Hmm, it works, we suppose. So yes, there’s been some criticism of ANTHEM’s number indicators, which pour off enemies when you fill them with lead. But the good news is that BioWare is making them totally customisable: you can turn them off entirely, you can make them smaller (or,...